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Thread: I'm worried about my behavior

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    Default I'm worried about my behavior

    I am worried about my behavior. It is because I've been acting a bit immature or younger recently. I'm not usually one to act that way and my family has noticed it. There times when I do it and I don't realize it. The same has been happening with my sissy side. I have no idea why this has been happening.

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    Not much you can do but just be careful about it when other are around and you should be fine.

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    Strangely, i had the same thing hit me once. When i was in high school, for a couple of months, i would just speak complete gibberish when I didn't know what to say, or was frustrated, or just goofing around. It started as a bit of a goofy thing for a short time, and then it just would happen spontaneously without thinking about it whenever i was talking and couldn't think of anything to say. My parents noticed it and told me to stop, so i eventually worked it away. I kind of think part of my little side had something to do with it, emerging outward or whatnot.

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    Have there been any recent changes in your life? Are you feeling more stressed than usual? If so, that could make you want to regress and thus let your little side through more. Perhaps you haven't been letting yourself regress as much lately and it's showing?

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    If you are wanting to regress, and crave some support to this from others, it could be exerting itself. You'll just have to be more self aware and try to focus on things at hand when you're with others.

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    I've had similar experiences, In my case I was under a lot of stress and had no time to ageplay/regress, I would try to suck my dummy while I worked but I found it unsuccessful associating a comforting thing with a stressful thing. One day I had the house completely to myself and spent the day in a diaper playing with balloons while sucking my dummy and watching cartoons, all I needed was time alone and suddenly I could keep my normal life under control.

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    My wife says she will notice my little side try to come out ever now and then like when I get nervous or sometimes I will just answer her in a little tone instead of my normal voice and I rarely notice myself doing it.I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes a problem.

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