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Thread: New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

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    Default New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

    Just wanted to share with you an email I received from Unique Wellness. They have apparently made a change to their diapers that increases the rate of absorption.... Its amazing the number of product changes for diaper brands lately-- especially Bambino and these guys. Hard to keep up!


    Another new dramatic improvement to our advanced Superio® line!
    We just developed a system that can absorb liquid nearly 400% faster than our current products!!!

    This new SPEEDSORB ® technology will enable you to feel drier faster and add greater retention to our diapers so that you won't feel any moisture against your skin even when absorbtion nears capacity!

    In addition to that this new system utilizes all of the absorbent core by spreading liquid to all over rather than on the area of the void therefore holding more. This new technology is an addition to our current NASA inspired multi-layered InconTek® absorption system!

    Unlike other incontinence manufactures we pride ourselves by constantly upgrading our products periodically and will continue to announce improvements from time to time. This is because we take all of our customers' suggestions into account as we develop them so we can create the right product for you.

    We are in the process of creating a pull-on with the SPEEDSORB® technology as well.

    In order for you to realize how great they are, we are offering totally free samples (until end of sale below) and we'll also waive the $1.99 S&H fee!!!

    (There's a strict one free sample per person policy. If you attempt to take advantage and order multiple free samples it will result in no samples sent, however if you feel you need more samples feel free to order extra HERE
    for an additional $1.99 in shipping).

    Please follow the following instructions for the free sample -
    Send an email to: [email protected]
    In email subject line type - Free Superio sample and your full name... In email please type in the following format:
    Name (First, Last)
    Street Address (Apt #)
    City, State, ZIP
    Size -

    We are currently running a sale on all of our products - use code "SPEEDSORB" and
    SAVE 10%
    (A $20 Value!)
    Save and ORDER HERE!

    Sale and free sample
    offer ends 3/10/2014

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    Thanks for letting me know. I just dispatched the email as instructed.

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    Any update on these yet? Are they better?

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    Not really. And they put a lot of gaudy printing on them. I think they don't work any better, and look worse. No way could you wear them under light colored slacks now. This has been talked about before. Here is the thread.

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    I just got my sample in today and I am going to say it is with a bit of printing. And it sorta resembles the diaper that I am wearing now. The Secure X-Plus.

    Tonight I will try it out and I will give you a reporting when I used it and is about to change out of it.

    Also I will be trying out those A+ Diapers from XPMedical and such.

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    Well I tried it and so far my opinion is that they are doing what they could do to emulate the Secure X-plus Diapers. Which is fine for as long as the tapes and the plastic backing does not break.

    They are not as thick as the Secure X-plus but they are absorbent.

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    I tries them. They are a decent diaper for the money, but for a DL, the Bellissimo's kick their butt.

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    When they have their good sales, which is going on right now, these are my go to diaper. You really can't beat the price, about 60 bucks for a case (use coupon code staydry, I think its good until the 7th). I do like the secure x-plus, but end up liking these more because the value is really good. These days secure x-plus is out of stock in the few places I go to, anyone know what's up with that?

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