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Thread: Soak first, or straight to washer ?

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    Default Soak first, or straight to washer ?

    As mentioned in an earlier post, Im very interested in getting some cloth diapers. When I've used them, can they be put in the washer right away to clean them, or MUST they be soaked first ?

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    I'm not sure what most of them recommend, but the instructions on the AIO that I have specifically said NOT to presoak the diaper. It went straight into the washer after I unpackaged it.

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    most of the time, mine are soaked already

    but seriously, my cloth diapers go in the washer, no pre- treatment.

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    Well i wash them in the laudry room sink first, then toss them in the washer. I dont know if it makes any extra difference but.. it makes me feel as if theyre cleaner.

    Im a big advocate of cloth diapers, at least the plastic backed variety. Ive found them to be fairly leak proof, holding a lot and well.. since i never run out of diapers, thats very nice. I just do a load of laundary once a day and im fine.

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    I rinse and soak mine in a pail until I can wash them. Also holds down on the odor.

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    The conventional wisdom is that presoaking doesn't really do anything as far as getting the diaper clean. As pointed out it might keep the smell down a bit if it going to be a few days until laundry day. Frankly, I just seal each days up in it's own plastic bag. I don't have a cloth pail at this point (though I do have a diaper genie for disposables).

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    I do rinse cycle and then wash. I like to get most of the pee out first.

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    i just wear mine into the shower, let them rinse a bit, then take them off. It helps with any odor if I can't wash them right away.

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    I put my diapers in a dry pail after use. When it's time to wash them, I put them in the washing machine, run the pre-wash cycle then the regular wash and rinse cycle.

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    If I was the messy type, I'd probably do a double cycle, but I'm not. Further, I don't wear for need, so I'm not forced to stockpile wet diapers. When I wear and wet my prefolds, which is typically a couple of times a week, they go straight from my body into the washer. I'll often throw a couple of clean/dry diapers in at the same time just because I like to constantly break them in -- makes them softer.

    My washer is a 'high efficiency' front-loader with a 'sanitary' (extra hot) cycle, and it also allows one to specify a 'soil level' (wash duration, effectively). I've used the sanitary cycle before, but given that I don't mess my diapers, I feel that a normal 'cotton/towels' cycle with hot water is fine. I've never had any issue with lingering odors. Diapers come out beautifully white and smelling fresh.

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