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Thread: Sizing issue with Dry 24/7s

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    Default Sizing issue with Dry 24/7s

    I just ordered a case of the medium/large Dry 24/7s, and they are huge; such so that they leave gaps unless I put them on really tight and pull them all the way up. The site says that the S/M are 24"-31" and the M/L are 30"-55", but the actual bag says the mediums go up to 49" and the large goes up to 60" (my waist is about 36"/37" and my Drys came as large). Even though I haven't tested them yet, I'm wondering if the only sizes are what they say on the site or if there's something I'm missing.

    Also, in retrospect, I probably should have ordered a sample pack, but I was too excited at the time.

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    I also had this problem when ordering the case. I didn't want to wait for the sample packs then reorder again especially since I won't be refunded the 5 dollars anymore. Anyways I ordered the M/L ones under advice from my online older brother. I guess its better to get diapers that are bigger and just tape them up tighter then to find out they barely fit at all.

    In any case I just don't want to have to tell my dad I got to exchange them, it is a 35 pound case. <_>

    My waist is I guess a 31 to 32 inch waist. Though I can fit in size 30 underwear and pants, though its sort of tight.

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    Dry 24/7 for right now come in only two sizes. For the size waist you all have said, a s/m might work for you. I am a 40/42 waist so the m/l is what I have to loose. Like Fire2Box said, I would rather have one a little larger than one that is a little to tight.

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    The site says the S/M Drys are 23"-31" and my waist is 36/37".

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    my waist is 36 and the larges fit fine on me.....and I like my diapers really snug. They will rise a lot in the back but I have found that putting them where the front rides higher works way better.

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    Their site lists waist sizes, though most diapers go by hip size. Perhaps the bags have hip sizes listed? I'd check, but I'm not near any right now.

    I too found that the Large is, well, pretty Large. However, if you pull them up and tape them in place, they seem to fit fine. When I wear them under pants I usually roll the top down to be even with my pants.

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    Well I got my case of large ones yesterday and they are in fact to large for me. I diapered myself to the best of my ability but even then there would still be small gaps in the leg cuffs. And that doesn't seam like a good thing.

    About a hour ago I e-mailed them asking if there's any way possible we could work out a exchange. I'll be willing to pay the extra shipping and what not.

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