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    I am sure most of you know what the holodeck is. it is something from star trek that lets you create these fake worlds that look and feel real but are fake. Suppose you had a chance to use the holodeck to create a fake fantasy where someone would take care of you and baby you. You have two options. option 1 the person who is taking care of you knows you are an adult pretending to be a baby and its all just role play. Option 2 the person taking care of you thinks you are an adult with the mind of a one or two year old. If you pick option 2 you are still an adult and just pretending to act like an adult with the mind of a 1 or 2 year old. remember this is all fake and no matter which option you choose you cant get in any real trouble.
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    Honestly it would have to be option 2. The whole purpose of that is a virtual realty experience. I think the carer's attitude would be heavily influenced by their perception of your state of mind. I would probably want as real an experience as was possible.

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    I'm assuming that in both scenarios you're still an adult or have an adult's body correct? In that case I would choose option 1 because for one you're not lying and fooling the other person and I couldn't do it ever.

    That said, since we are talking about advanced virtual reality we could just have a baby's body and have the ultimate regression experience, I would choose this.

    I don't remember the name but there's a recent movie from last year, I think it's a european movie, that dealt with virtual reality and a group of people in it. And there are some people in wheelchairs and old people in that group that in the virtual reality can walk or are young, so the premise is if you're plugged into a virtual reality machine we can be anything and have any body we would like.

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    I would pick #2 because it would be a better experience in my opinion.

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    I would pick option 1… Because although I'm regressive, I don't quite have the actual mind of a 1 or 2 year old. Someone caring for me as though I really were that age would leave me frustrated in a lot of ways. I'm very fluidus (sp) in my play, and that comes with its own set of challenges… Literally from one moment to the next I can vary in terms of my needs and ability, and I would want a pretend-caregiver who realized I was a dynamic adult and could read these signs and change with me. Sometimes I am a big girl, and sometimes not so much.

    Edit: Oh and I guess there's the morality of tricking a computer program, too. I've read enough science fiction to know that it's never a good idea.

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    Good question. I could go for either option.

    But if I need to chose, I would choose option 2. I think it would be more 'realistic'.

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    Just to let everyone know, if we wait around 10 to 30 yrs from now (not later), we may have the chance to see holodecks for real, its in full dev at the moment, the US Army is quite interested in this and the NASA also, we are near a touch and feel virtual reality, the bond won't be tbat big once they figure out that part...

    For the choice, I would say I can't choose any of them, for me, I would need to be a toddler or pre-schooler in the simulation and you can be 100% sure that the person that would take care of me would also be a 100% simulation, this way I'm 100% sure its safe and secure (unless the NSA install some spying softwares in them of course)

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    I don't think I'd want my little side to be cared for by a computer simulation no matter how realistic it was. The thoughts and feelings behind the little-caretaker relation are what matter to me. It might be fun to simulate a full sized adult nursery or play centre though!

    However, if Star Trek has taught us anything, it's that holodecks break very easily and that the safety protocols will go offline is you so much as look at them. The plushies in the simulated nursery will therefore almost inevitably become evil.

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    I would go for a program that I was "Baby Herman" and had a wet nurse.

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