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Thread: It's good to be back !

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    Default It's good to be back !

    Hi, the name is Mr.Towrtuck76 I've been a member for a while now but it's been a year or more since I was last able to participate on this site. I'll give you an update of my life since my last post (which was some time ago..) I No longer drive Tow truck, I now drive a semi with a 53' van trailer to Calgary and back 5 nights a week. You might be asking where back is... well the answer to that is Edmonton, that's in Alberta, Canada, or AB,CA for short. I have been driving truck for about 8 months now due to getting fired from my last job. Now most would see getting fired as a negative but it has turned out to be such a positive thing for me. I now drive truck for my friend that I've know for 12 or 13 years and I really enjoy it. I am looking forward to moving into heavy duty towing come May or June as I gave my boss/friend a 1 year commitment that I would work for him. Things in my personal life are shaky at the moment but I expect that to stabilize in the next few months. I have been a AB/DL for about 30 years now, as I'm sure it is with many of you, I've come to accept this part of me and I enjoy it thoroughly. My favorite brand/kind of diapers is the Contour Prefold from Kins, they are so warm and cuddly it drives me nuts !! A very close second is the Abena M4 plastic backed diapers, and right now I'm wearing an Abena M2 Cloth Back that is very comfortable. My Hobbies haven't really changed since I joined this site, they are working on cars and playing Xbox. Though I probably have to admit the Xbox is more of an addiction than a hobby. Right now I do not have any project cars but I hope to buy a used motorcycle this summer. Well If you think of anything else drop me a line, otherwise I'll see you around.


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    Hello Mr.Towtruck76 and welcome back.

    I had to give up my CDL for health reasons. I had not driven Bus for 6 years, and wanted to keep it to drive for church or what ever, but the MD would not clear me because I was/am still in therapy so I had to let it go. I never did class A, but I am sure that I would not deal well with the IDIOTS that think that my 75 foot rig can stop as fast in a straight line as their little sports car when they cut me off. I know that tractor trailers have more guts then a school bus, but still I only do 0 to 55 in three days or 10 miles which ever comes last, and I can stop on a dime if you mark it with a big flag 1/2 mile away.

    So I am impressed with anyone that does that for a living.

    Keep the windows clear and the Mounties in the office.

    Again welcome back.


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    I gave up my CDL for health reasons too.

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    Welcome back Mr.Towtruck76. Glad too see that you can participate again with us.

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