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Thread: I hate the people covering the rose bowl!!

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    Unhappy I hate the people covering the rose bowl!!

    Ok so i was in the other room fixing a computer and my mom was in the living room watching the rose bowl. All of the sudden i hear something about half time and the blue band playing so i dropped everything i was doing and RUSHED into the living room to see.
    They played through like one thing and BOOM commercial. GAHHHHHHH!!!!
    Im so annoyed right now, every year when my marching band goes to the collegiate marching band show in allentown we always expect to see them, and they can never make it. Now when i finaly get a chance to see them THEY CUT TO COMMERCIAL!!!! Oh well, i guess there's always youtube

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    TBDL, I sympathize. I had the same problem and upset!

    I feel for you!

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    The freakin' orange bowl started almost an hour ago and we're barely in the second quarter because they have to do commercial breaks practically after every play. I'm not staying up until after midnight when I have work tomorrow just to watch my team lose.

    edit: hey, I should bitch about the BCS more often -- we just scored!

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    But your team didn't lose, Daria! So if you stayed up, you stayed up for good reason! Go VT! (I'm only a once-a-year fan, because my aunt works at the college!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie View Post
    What's the Rose Bowl?
    One of the five college football bowl games (a bowl game is any college football game after the regular season ends) that make up the the bowl championship series. The national championship game, the rose bowl, the orange bowl, the fiesta bowl and the sugar bowl. This year, Florida and Oklahoma are playing for the National Championship. Penn State lost to USC last night in the Rose Bowl, and Virginia Tech beat Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl. Utah will play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl tonight, and Texas and Ohio State will play in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 5. The participants in each BCS game are typically the winners of their respective conferences, like Tech won the ACC and Cincinnati won the Big East, and the ones who go to the National Championship are the teams ranked no. 1 and no. 2 in the BCS at the end of the regular college football season.

    There are also various other bowl games, like the Gator Bowl and Chick-Fil-A Bowl that take the teams that came in second, third, etc., in each conference, but they're not considered BCS games.

    And I'm sure that's more than you ever wanted to know...

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    should of been watching the HGTV coverage...All I know is that I marched in that parade (stupid 5.5 miles) and that I got to see the entire coverage of the band I marched with. Seems like HGTV only had one commercial break

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    Was this halftime of the game or the parade? Personally I hate the fact that ABC sports doesn't exist anymore. There are still games on ABC but all the graphics and logos are from ESPN which looked much better in the 90's anyway. In the 70's, every game at halftime showed the bands instead of having talking heads flash highlights that are too short to be effective. They still show the bands at the half for the bowl games but it seems to be shorter every year. allows you to watch the halftime show for home Notre Dame games online. I wish other teams did that.

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