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    I'm always trying to learn a new skill of some sort. I like constantly feeling challenged, etc. Some times, there's not much chance to spend time to do something new or practice skills because life gets in the way, this weekend I spent a lot of time doing yard work.

    What sort of things do you want to learn to do?

    I know my wife got to go off and have fun this weekend, learning something completely new and different. She told me about it when she got home, including little snippets of advice, like, "When you're doing stuff at the glory hole, sometimes you need a blow buddy."

    Yeah, I know what your first thought is.

    It's wrong.

    She was taking a glass-blowing class.

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    There is a lot of terms like that, that have taken on a totally different meaning.

    Good examples are:

    Scuttle butt.
    Do you scuttle your butt or butt your scuttle?

    The meaning that I know is that you break open the butt of a barrel to obtain the contents. Thus you scuttle the butt.

    Were is the "bung hole"?

    It is the port (Hole) on the side of a whiskey barrel were you put in the Stopper/Bung.

    Raining cats and dogs?

    In the olden days the houses where dug down into the ground about three feet and the walls that showed where only a few feet more. The roof was done with thatch, and because of the natural waxes and oils in the thatch it repelled water. The animals (cats and dogs) would get up on the roof to sleep. If a sudden heavy rain came along the water would make the roof slick and the animals would fall off. Thus raining cats and dogs

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    I know what you mean about the need to feel challenged. My big goal for 2014 is to better my sewing ability. We need a seamstress in my church to help with the youth group costumes, and I'd like to pitch in. It's always been a dream of mine to be as good with a needle and thread as my mom. Beyond that, I hope to work on my fluency in French and maybe take a class on ASL.

    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Raining cats and dogs (...)
    A new tidbit of knowledge for my next round of Trivial Pursuit...

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    I started doing research for my second novel today, all while our daughter edits my first novel. My wife ordered for me, Schumann's "Songs from Childhood", so I'll have something new to learn on the piano.

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    I have recently started believing in the idea that the day we stop learning is the day we die. There are so many things I want to learn, the list is endless! I really want to learn to dance. Basically anything that could be romantically passionate that isn't club dancing/grinding (not much to learn there, assuming you know how to have sex). I also want to learn how to play a variety of different instruments: piano, cello, saxophone, harmonica, guitar, drums. Plus I want to learn how to speak fluent Latin and Greek as well as Spanish and Welsh. Brushing up on my French would be awesome as well. Blacksmithing has also been an interest of mine. Being able to create something out of a chunk of metal is just so cool. I've also wanted to learn how to rock climb, snow board, ski and paraglide. The list goes on.

    Now, I don't know how many things I will end up learning about in my life by the end of it, but I do plan on filling it up with ideas and experiences that can only seek to further my own character and history. If we're going to keep it short term though, this year I would like to improve my French, my MMA, my diet, my exercise, my reading comprehension/speed, my vocabulary and my leadership. There are many others, but those are going to be my focus and each requires a considerable amount of learning. This will be an exciting year for me!

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    If you would like some more from the era of the "dark ages"

    Were does the tradition of the groom carrying the bride over the "threshold"?

    The threshold is a board placed at the base of the main door to the house to "Hold in the Threshing". The chaff from the grain threshing was brought into the house to cover the bare dirt floors, so the threshold held the threshing in the house.

    So since the bride was NEVER over to her betrothed house, the groom would carry her over the threshold so she did not trip and fall into the hearth that was about 6ft from the door possibly get her head injured or worse burned by the fire.

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