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    Ok I have an Oasis MP3 player. When I want to add music to it I have to go into Windows media player and then go to the Sync menu. Then it will give me a list of all of the song that I have on my computer set to play in the media player but I am unable to access the music I have in iTunes.

    Is there anyway that I can add my iTunes music to a MP3 player that is not an iPod?

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    If your music is AACs from the Apple Store your out of luck. If it's not these steps will help.
    1. Install WMP 11 if you don't already have it. (Standard with XP SP3 or Vista) Go to to get the newest version if you have WMP <9. WMP 10 will do aswell but I'd still reccomend getting 11.
    2. Click the arrow under library
    3. Click Add to Library
    4. Click Advanced options
    5. Click Add
    6. Select your iTunes folder (Usually My Documents/My Music/iTunes on XP or Music/iTunes on Vista).
    7. Wait (may take a while depending on how many songs you have on iTunes.)

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    Use switch sound file converter to convert the songs in your itunes folder to MP3, and then put it in a new folder in my music, and then have Windows Media Player Add the tracks.

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    Ok I found the long way of doing this. All you have to do is right click on a song and it will give you the opption to creat a MP3 version so I did that but some of these song are protected and I was wondering if anyone has a way to get passed that.


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