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    Okay, well I am thinking of going to see Valkeryie today and the price seems fair, $4.50 for a twilight show, but then the price of food there. Pardon my French, but GOD DAMN! $8.00 for a medium popcorn and a medium drink!!!! Anyone have good tips for sneaking food into the movies??? I am not going woth a girl, so can't stash it in her purse. Though, typing this I thought of a good way to smuggle in food in a girls purse to any event. Put the food at the bottom and like 3 or 4 diapers on the top of the food and that will stop anyone in their tracks, lol. Anyways any good tips on sneaking stuff into the theater???

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    Cargo or Tripp pants, i'm able to smuggle in candy really easy that way.

    Also if you go to see Valkeryie, do me a favor and post a review; i've been wanting to see it.

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    okay, will do. I am very interested in WWII stuff, and this one seems good.

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    When I was a kid I'd shove candy into my shoes. They never check your shoes.

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    $9.95 for the ticket
    $4.00 for an apple juice
    $12.50 for a popcorn combo

    Watching Edward on the big screen...

    Priceless ^.^

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    I never buy food at a theater anymore...Tickets cost enough as it is...And I usually see more than one movie while I'm there

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    Valkyrie = good to go if you like WWII movies. I really thought it was well done, and kind of sad that the war had to go another 9 months because of 1 purely coincidental event and one act of cowardice. (Don't want to spoil it for ya)

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    If anything I just shove something in my pocket. I've never been asked to show anything, ever. Lately though if I bring anything it's like gum. I don't have a huge sweet tooth, and I can't really put much popcorn in my pockets.

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    pockets. lots of pockets..and since it's winter you can use a heavy coat.

    My dad always brings in cashews or crackers for himself. I always bring a pack of gum or some other small candy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooey Goodness View Post
    I never buy food at a theater anymore...Tickets cost enough as it is...And I usually see more than one movie while I'm there
    I can't see a movie without movie-food. I don't even care if I'm dropping 50 bucks at a movie -- I want the whole experience. I feel like I screw myself over if I don't get the whole shebang!

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