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    Default What's the likelihood?

    So I work in the church world and sometimes with teenage individuals.
    Recently I've seen several of those people post drawings/art to facebook that is anthropomorphic and/or furry-like. I'm not into furry stuff myself but here's my question:

    What's the likelihood of a teenager drawing this stuff and NOT being into furry-play/interest/fetish/whatever? Followup -- Is babyfur an optional add-on to being a furry?

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    Okay, I don't know. I can think of reasons where one might technically fit as a furry but not be aware or interested in the community. I once commissioned an artist to do drawings for a game that would certainly be considered furry art and I had no idea as to the existence of the fandom and I don't expect he was furry either. It was just a job.

    Even if one does identify that way, it's a whole spectrum of interests and intensity, much as anything with sufficiently broad membership and complexity would be. Babyfurs are a subset within furries but can be something of a touchy subject. They're part of that previously mentioned spectrum of interests. In short, it's a clue but I wouldn't assume anything. Is this just idle curiosity or is it supposed to mean something?

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    I wouldn't think a whole lot of it. Anthropomorphic animals are just fun. I was a 90s kid, and literally every person I knew, myself included - would draw what could be thought of as furry art. There's a whole generation of people out there breastfed on Sonic the Hedgehog... And while I think some of us may have ended up furry, the furry fandom isn't the only place a person could have garnered interest in anthros. There are scores of cartoons, animated movies, et cetera... That a person could just be an innocent fan of.

    And as Trevor said, being a "furry" can have a wide range of intensity. It doesn't necessarily mean the same thing for two different people... For example: Though I call myself a babyfur, I don't align with the fandom. I don't have an account on FurAffinity (a widely popular art hub for talented furs), and I am a "furry" in the sense that I think the art is sometimes cute to look at and that is literally it. Never fursuited, never been to a convention, not interested in anything "yiff", etc. I am essentially the weakest and most laissez-faire example of a furry fandom member.

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    the majority of my middle and early high school classmates were all fans of drawing anthropomorphic animals as well as my oldest cousin who was also an artist. I also currently have a friend who still enjoys drawing anthropomorphic animals, and is not a furry. Neither were any of my classmates or my cousin. So its a pretty high possibility that they are not furries.

    As for being a babyfur, I dont believe its an additional add-on to being a furry because when i would play Guild Wars 2, i was part of a Furry guild and I was the only ABDL or Babyfur in the entire guild of 2000 furries. Granted, I apply the babyfur title to myself very loosely, just as henni put it. Im not part of the fandom at all, but the idea of being dressed as a diaper-wearing kitty cat is cute to me. But the extent of my "furry fandom" goes about as far as being a Neko girl :P so not really all that furry anyway.

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    Like henni pointed out, there's a lot of cartoons, movies, video games, etc. out there that involve what would be considered anthromorphic animals. I was one of those kids who sort of grew up with Sonic. The teenagers in question may not have ever even heard of the furry fandom.

    I would consider babyfur to be a little minority group within the fandom.

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    I wouldn't think much of it personally. I grew up in the 90's and during that time there was a lot of Anthromorphic animal cartoon characters such as: Sonic The Hedgehog, Franklin, Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, etc.

    Babyfurs are a minority in the fur fandom

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