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Thread: Hellooo

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    Talking Hellooo

    Hi, my name is Dessie. I am an ab and have been for about a year now. Eclipse was the one who first introduced me to this lifestyle and I can't imagine ever going without it. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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    Hello dessie! I am happy you took my advice and joined! I know you will like it here.

    As for all you mugs be nice to this young lady! haha sike I know you will be.

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    Hallo, it is nice to have you here. Um, any special reason you would like to share why you don't go by Dessie? Up to you if you choose to say of course...

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    Footed P.J.


    No questions, but it's just nice to see a girl. Seems kind of malecentric here.

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    Hi and welcome. Not many girls here. The closest thing to girls here other than the i think its 4 or 5 we have is sissys. So this is a odd new member.

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    Actually we have a few tg, and a few gg (trans-gendered/genetic girls.) All are welcome. *hugs the new girl*

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    Welcome to the insanity... lotsa folks around here seem to obsess over the "girls."

    Don't let 'em scare you off.

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    I've been running a list of the girls on another post (yay being able to edit long after the fact...) - for people interested in the demographics of the site... Many straight guys like the idea of straight ab girls... It is nice, at least, for them to know such girls exist. I have not seen any active courting but them I don't know what goes on in pm or otherwise behind the scenes...

    The main issue is whether people like to treat our tg's fully as females or whether interacting with non-genetic girls feels creepy. (I am in the first camp.) This has occupied several threads, some with hundreds of posts.

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