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Thread: What's up with Lavender?

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    Question What's up with Lavender?

    So, has anyone noticed the new trend of adding lavender scent or actual lavender to many of the classic baby products?

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    You can now buy:

    • Lavender Baby Powder
    • Lavender Baby Wash
    • Lavender Baby Lotion
    • Lavender Baby Oil
    • Lavender Baby Shampoo
    • Lavender Baby Laundry Detergent
    • Lavender Baby Balm

    ... and the list keeps growing.

    I know, I know, many of these products have been around for a while, but it seems that the lavender products are really catching on.

    The benefits of lavender are supposed to have a calming effect. This is what most of the products tout. Lavender is also claimed to be one of the few "flowery" scents that both men and women tend to like. For some reason, lavender is now also becoming somewhat of a product associated with baby items.

    I am curious as to other members experiences with these products. If you have used these products, please share your thoughts.

    1. What types of lavender products have you used?
    2. Do you think lavender helps to produce a calming effect?
    3. Does lavender enhance the product?
    4. Does lavender make the product seem more baby-like?

    Note: I have personally used most of these products and believe there is some evidence that there may be a relaxing effect to the bath baby wash, but the other products not so much so.

    I really enjoy the added scent of lavender to baby powder. I think it actually makes it seem more baby-like. There is still the amazing and unmistakable baby powder smell, but with a hard to describe enhancement.

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    I know that lavender is widely regarded as a relaxing scent, but I don't care for it at all, and I definitely don't associate it with babies.

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    We used some bath soap in our son's bath when he was a baby. It said it calmed babies down and it seemed to work OK Now he's a young teen and I wish he would use some more! lolz

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    I use the J&J cornstarch powder with lavender. Also use the Aloe version. That's the only lavender that I use.

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    i think its help baby relax better. I might us that bottle of baby was with lavender so I can sleep better later today

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    My thought on that is all this trend towards "" health consciousness you know, getting into a more natural foods, vitamins, more earth related health items you know that kind of thing. You know just my two cents

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    It is a very strong, harsh scent. I once purchased some Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, which smelled about like the lavender products presented here. I had to toss the whole jug into the trash, because it was so strong and offensive. These lavender and cucumber scents are like a massive assault on my nose, so I may not have a choice but to purchase unscented. It's too bad they're not using the older scents any more, which were far more inviting.

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    Apart from being relaxing (if you like the scent) real lavender is an antibacterial agent and extremely effective against topographical skin conditions like nappy rash, athletes foot etc.

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