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    Any opinions on the quality of pacifiers from pacifiersrus? Silicon teet smaller like nuk 5.
    Ive ordered from baby pants and other than not getting exactly what i ordered ive had no issues, i just want a silicon teet one and baby pants doesnt offer one yet.
    The blue nuk 5 i got off ebay the teet is tilted up too much to be comfortable.
    Any comments on pacifiersrus quality?

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    I bought the size 7 silicone teet several years ago and it's still going strong. I was very pleased with the quality. Yes they are a bit pricey but I think it was worth it.

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    I haven't had any problems with pacifiersrus quality. All of mine are silicone which I much prefer over latex. Four of mine ext teat 7's
    and one five. My first 7's I used around 18 months until I replaced them in late fall. I use one every night when I go to bed. They're
    a little pricey but I would recommend them to anyone who wants quality. I order mine from the build a pacifier section where you
    select the guard you want and then the teat you want.

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    I just got the silicone teat 7 from them and i'm very happy with it. I was surprized at how long it is. It rests in the center of my mouth as if i was sucking on a sucker, vs the nuk 5 that rests just behind the teeth, far enough to be comfortable though.

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    I have had a few issues with them. I tried the Nuk 7 with a mam mouth guard. The nipple did not inflate/deflate properly. It was very annoying. Also they may have good quality but I have only had trouble with them. They once sent me a pacifier that had a hole in the nipple and they would not replace it. I like Babypants as they have had great customer service. I am anxiously awaiting the silicone one they are making. Also for me the 7 was just too long.

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    I got my pacifier from pacifiers r us back in March and I have been happy with it. I haven't had any problems with it. My pacifier is a Nuk 5.

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    Thank you so much for the helpfull information. I appriciate it a lot

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    So i ordered the custom shield cars and trucks silcone 5 prior to begining this post. It arrived today packaged in a xl wellness brief, plastic style. The teat seems larger than the nuk 5 and rests more in the center of my mouth rather than just behind the teeth like the nuk5 does. Wonder if they sent the larger silicone one...
    Hmm either way i really really like it.

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