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Thread: Had the most "vivid" regression dream last night

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    Default Had the most "vivid" regression dream last night

    Like many of you, I have had "diaper" dreams many times. But I have never had a dream of any kind so vivid in my life until last night. First, a little on what I think caused the dream to occur: my mommy called me and told me we couldn't get together for another few weeks. This was going to be the first time we ever got together and the first time I've ever been babied by anyone and she will be the first person I've ever been able to share this side of me with. Anyway, after getting off the phone with her I felt so much like an upset toddler. I pouted about it and took a nap. I dreamt that I was being cared for by mommy. I was naked and she laid me on a fresh diaper (ABU Cushie), powdered me and taped me up while talking softly to me. I've never felt a warmth like that. What I mean is I've never felt so... at peace... in my life. I think I know what being regressed might feel like. Is that what it will be like? Anyone have a dream like that?

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    Every time my girl friend baths me or changes me I get that warmth peaceful feeling, but when she is interacting with my small/Little side I really get the urge to call her *Mommy* that would complete the regressed feeling, but yet I just can't seam to say the word. My girl friend doesn't baby me every day its more a weekend thing, but when it does happen its magical, but I rarely have dreams about being babied or even wearing Nappies.

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    When my friend sings to me sometimes on Skype at night I get to feeling really regressed. I have to really fight myself and my urge to call her "Mommy" when she does it though. I called her that a few months ago and she went off about how she didn't want to ever hear me call her that again.

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