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    Where can I get them here in the U.S.? Peachy told me about'm I saw some on a boy and they look pretty cute!

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    Not sure about the US other than importing them, but can say they are one of the best diapers about.

    Not quite the capacity of Abri stuff, but they do have a more traditional (plastic) Pampers like feel, they don't "clump up", fall apart or sag like Abri, and smell nice. They're quality diapers (and hence used by the British NHS)

    I can also recommend Harmony if you can get them, but again it would be an import, and worse the old plastic backed version is harder to find now. The new 'air' ones are more like modern cloth Pampers just with no print and a massive single cloth band/tape that wraps up the front snugly. Best fitting diaper in my opinion. Could live in those happily forever

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    Yeah I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to Abena but if the Tenas have to be imported then I don't see them as coming off as cheap.

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