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Thread: Are there any other home brewers out there?

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    Default Are there any other home brewers out there?

    I just tapped my latest brew and I got to thinking "are there any other AB's that make their own beer or wine"? Just curious here but I thought it would be fun to share some recipes. My latest one is a variation of the White house's honey porter I added about 25% more honey (raw orange blossom) and let it do an eight week fermentation in the keg. It upped the ABV to 6.5% delicious! hope to hear from you guys.


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    Well I brew my own beer as well... I usually have two or three different types on hand and another two brewing in the closet ...

    My last brew was a nut brown with hot peppers in it.

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    I don't brew, but I have a couple friends in the area that do. I'm more of an IPA person myself, but one of my friends recently did an apricot ale. I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being fantastic beach drinking beer.

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    Default Are there any other home brewers out there?

    I have a relative that makes wine from stuff he grows/collects from the woods exclusively. He's never sold the stuff he makes, but honestly it's such quality that he probably could be making good money if he wasn't a sort of quiet mountain dwelling country boy.

    Getting to watch the process is really really cool! In recent memory, he's made maple sugar honey wine (mead), wine with wild elderberries, strawberry, blackberry, as well as moonshine with everything from apples and cinnamon sticks in it to peaches and cream.

    His last batch of honey wine was made from wild honey that he got out of a tree after climbing 20 feet up into with no equipment at all. I haven't tried the actual brew, but the honey was absolutely amazing.

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    i don't do beer but i do help a friend cook up some Shine. Corn Wiskey. after all said and done its probbly round the 190 Proof Mark

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    got any sites where you can buy equipment to brew your own beer?

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    I bought mine at Austin Homebrew Supply for the brewing gear. they are more than fair for on prices and have fla-trate shipping. I have also had a lot of luck at local craft breweries. There are a lot that have associated brewing stores where you can get either clone kits for beers you already like or get advise on original recipes. Hope this helps.

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    I don't brew but up the road from where I live, maybe 30 miles, is the brewery of Devil's Backbone, a great micro beer. They've won both national and international awards. Our daughter and son-in-law have the lager on tap at their home.

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