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Thread: Hi all! from a shy newbie

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    Default Hi all! from a shy newbie

    Hello everyone! I only discovered this site a few days ago. I have read a few posts and you all seem very friendly. I'm incredibly nervous about posting this. my hands are shaking! here goes...

    a little about myself. Music is my passion. I play guitar, write and produce my own music. I've worked in various music shops, fixing up guitars and selling vinyl etc. I also teach at a local youth centre. It's very rewarding, inspiring people with music and helping them to achieve gives me a real buzz!

    The reason I'm here, well... i guess i need to do some searching inside myself. I'm a sissy. this is is the first time i've ever said it to anyone. I've been keeping things to myself for years now, it's starting to be in my thoughts more and more. I've got to the point where i need to tell someone. i considered telling somebody i know, but it feels too risky.

    my username "LotusFlower' a symbol of 'blossoming' or 'awakening'. seemed appropriate for me. i need to explore some things within myself. i hope you all can welcome me, and help me on my journey. I'm very nervous how I'm going to be received. but i've been told you don't bite! haha

    sorry if this turned into a bit of an essay, i'm bad for doing that. posting this on valentines day too. hope your all having a nice day!!

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    Hello LotusFlower and welcome to the group.

    You did just find with your introduction. Do not worry you are amongst friends and we all understand the stress of admitting the situation for the first time. I was in the same boat last year and I can reassure you that there is a lot of information here to help you come to understand yourself and the desires that you have. The biggest thing is to know that you are not alone and we all understand and are more then willing to talk to you about any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hello, and welcome! It is really cool to see a musician joining our group. What sort of music do you play?

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC there's no need to be nervous everyone here is very friendly and very understanding. A lot of people relate to others but everyone is different. Its nothing to be worried about or afraid of I kind of am accepting the fact that I'm a DL but not fully. Everyone on this site is part of a community we all get along and help other people out so once again I welcome you to ADISC.

    I also love music I love to sing (i'm not all that good) and I would like to learn how to play guitar it was always something I really wanted to do was to start up a band. I'm into alternative rock now because I don't like the other kind of music that's out right now.

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    Hello Lotus Flower. I am new here also and was apprehensive at first. Just reading through the posts I have found a wealth of knowledge and insight. Good luck and happy you are here

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    Thanks everyone for the nice welcome! I've had to wait for some privacy to get back on here again, and ive been anxiously waiting to see. I'm feeling a huge sense of relief right now. I think i will like it here I've never been part of a forum/community so that is all very new to me too. it may take a while for me to find my confidence and really start to express myself. i'm touched by this warm reception, it has had quite an effect on me. so thank you! I never imagined i'd be able to admit to anyone, and it feels... liberating.

    Some of you have asked about my music so i may try to quote and reply, but like i said, forum noob. so sorry if i get that wrong. anyways, again, thank you everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryizan View Post
    Hello, and welcome! It is really cool to see a musician joining our group. What sort of music do you play?
    Hi ryizan. i feel its unhealthy to stay stuck in one genre, so i try to immerse myself in as many different styles as i can. i'll even give things a go i don't initially like, because you never know what you will gain. i like the "typical guitarist" rock, indie, metal.. blues is great for solos and expression, i tried flamenco and really enjoyed that. Im exploring jazz, but its so complicated! i also make electronic music, some of my friends asked me to make dubstep and drum and bass. so i learnt a bit about that too. i like making trancy, melodic or ambient beats too. I find the joy in music is taking a starting point and letting it lead you to new places. You never know where your going to end up, and its rarely what you first planned. I like to blend music too. like taking an idea from prog rock and applying it to hip hop. just for fun. its good to have a sense of humour with music i find. i just dont know where i'd be without music my current project is a guitar interpretation of global communication's '14:31' its a really soothing tranquil piece of music, that brings happy memories to me. i just hope i can do it the justice it deserves on the guitar! i'm kind of what they call a bedroom guitarist though, my recordings dont usually leave my computer. my friends say its a waste.

    wow, as soon as i start talking music i cant shut myself up can i? haha. take care ryizan

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