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Thread: How to add YouTube Videos to your Posts.

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    Default How to add YouTube Videos to your Posts.

    I was asked to post it is!

    1. Find YouTube video you think others would enjoy (in this case the opening sequence from an old Canadian Childrens' Program called "Under the Umbrella Tree" which featured Holly (a woman), Iggy Iguana, Gloria Gopher, and Jacob Blue Jay (puppets))
    2. Copy the (direct link) URL
    3. Choose the Insert Link icon in the forum post 'editor'
    4. Enter the URL for the YouTube video
    5. Click OK
    6. TADA

    You can also do this by following steps 1 and 2 above and then putting [ url= ] the actual url [ /url ] (without the spaces of course) but the first way is the easiest. [ center ] and [ /center ] (without the spaces) at either end will centre the video in the message.

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    Thank-you so much... I see nice toys around and it is frustrating not knowing how they work; and thanks for the [ center ] and [ /center ] command

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    I didn't know that, since I never had the need to do this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Wow, some people didn't know that? I find it hard to believe. ._.
    Not all of us have to time to check ever post. I did notice it once, and i thought to myself that was cool. But never saw any post on the new added feature nor how to implement it.

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    So... you remember the Umbrella tree too eh?

    That was a good show...

    Almost good as fraggles...

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