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Thread: Coming Soon: Gender-Specific Depends

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    Default Coming Soon: Gender-Specific Depends

    New Depends

    New gender-specific depends diapers. It Seems like a novel concept, interested to see how this plays out, come March.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Too bad it's still Depends (ie. Low absorbancy, uncomfortable)

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    I remember reading something about this on another site, I'm guessing it was true after out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    I remember reading something about this on another site, I'm guessing it was true after out.
    Yeah. It's on their site. (Don't have a link.)

    My thought is that it will help solve the point-it-up, point-it-down quandary.

    Sure hope so anyway.

    (I favor up.)

    And if the product is as good as the idea, it will be a positive addition to our world.

    (Not holding my breath . . . . )

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    Woo.... adult Goodnites..

    Not that I would buy them. It would be kind of fun if they made gender specific briefs though as opposed to the underwear.

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    I guess they have to do something to make more money. But mostlikely their still going to suck. THeir Depends!!!

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    Yeah, hopefully the real adult diaper brands will follow. I sure wish Bambino would do an adult size replica of the Huggies for Him/Her style in blue and pink.

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    apparently Kimberly Clark didn't learn their lesson when they did the gender specific huggies back in the early 90's...besides I think they need to be at least 100% more absorbent then they are now to have a chance at being close to the REAL adult diaper makers.

    The mens version will NEVER sell due to the embarrassment factor for older men(NON ABDL COMMUNITY).

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