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Thread: amazed theres others like me would love to meet new people

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    Default amazed theres others like me would love to meet new people

    New to this site would love to meet new people

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    Welcome, Taboo11!

    If by meet, you mean getting to know others here online of a similar ilk and composition... to talk and sort the myriad of issues and experiences that come from this particular arrangement of mind, body, and perhaps spirit, or the spirit of this kind ;-) ... you may have just struck 'gold'!

    If per chance, you are in reference to 'hook-ups' and may have just 'dialed' the wrong number...

    I haven't yet seen your other 3-posts as of yet...however I thank you kindly for an introduction!

    Would you be of the tell us a bit more about yourself?

    I realize, and even remember the overwhelming excitement, that comes from this long awaited discovery of others like you all of us...but, there is so much more to do and see here...we are a support community with all manner of exceptional people to interact with...

    May I please point you to this link about ADISC's introduction, mission, and FAQ's for starters, just to be sure you are better prepared as to what you might expect here?

    I hope that you'll find you're time here most fulfilling, enlightening, and entertaining!

    Best regards,
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