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Thread: Dumb/Fool/Idiot

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    Unhappy Dumb/Fool/Idiot

    I've made a complete fool of myself. I've been reading things too fast and not understanding what the person has said, and then snapping off rude and mean comments without thinking. I feel horrible because I've acted like a snotty spoiled little brat. I mean what was I thinking with that 'Leaving' thread. I can't just leave, because this is the only site that I've ever felt welcomed in, and its basically the only site that's nicely done for AB/TB/DL people. I've been such an idiot for being so rude. I'm saying sorry, and I know you guys probably aren't mad or anything, but I still feel bad and want closure.

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    That "forgiven" is based on you learning from your mistakes and not repeating them.(that's the hard part)

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    Well, it's not like I do know you, I have seen you around the site tho. I personally had this kind of experience in other forums, mostly because I misunderstood the meaning of "someone's" comment. Seriously, it's not a big deal. Also, if you are truly sorry for something as typical as this, it also says something good about you =). See you.

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    That's alright,

    everyone makes mistakes, I'm glad you found out in time. Try to enjoy yourself here and don't worry about it.

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    You are human --> you make mistakes.

    Everyone else here is human --> everyone else makes mistakes.

    From what I saw there were mistakes made on both sides of this. I am happy you have decided to come back and try again. All you can do is try and learn from your mistakes and hope that everyone else does as well. Don't think of yourself as an idiot. Just accept you made a mistake and move on. No big deal. I'm not worried about and, and I doubt that there will be many people on here who will worry about it. I'm sorry you were hurt by what people said to you and I am glad you can see what they really meant now.

    Thanks for deciding to come back. Try to learn from the mistakes you made, and enjoy the forum. This is meant to be a place that you like, otherwise no one is making you come here! Just try to enjoy it, and not to get to stressed out!

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    As long as you can learn from this mistake you are forgiven.

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    Grawr! I'm so mad *throws chair*

    Oh no! My chair

    Aaannnyyywwaaayyysss...I'm not mad :3...We need more girls on here anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooey Goodness View Post
    Grawr! I'm so mad *throws chair*

    Oh no! My chair
    sorry but that's funny.

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    I'm glad you gave ADISC another chance rather than leaving in a huff. Of course we forgive you.

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    Butterfly Mage


    No problem

    The most important thing now is to forgive yourself too. Everyone has periods of drama and everyone makes mistakes.

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