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Thread: How long have you gone undiapered?

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    Default How long have you gone undiapered?

    As someone who just gave into urges and am beginning work on to accepting them, I am curious as to how long others have gone undiapered. For what reason? Was it out of inconvenience? A SO not accepting or even forbidding it? Yourelf suppressing your urges?

    I went for about eight years this last stint. I thought no one would accept me, I thought I was weird, and thought no one else shared the same views. This is a little strange for me because I usually have no problem AT ALL being myself around anyone, but for some reason I guess I thought this was crossing some kind of line. Glad I found you all, glad it's behind me.

    Also, what ended your particular dry spell (no pun intended)? Was it coupled with feelings of guilt? Relief? Others?


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    I've never gone more than a few months. And those few times I was trying to repress feelings. I've learned to not only accept myself but to love myself as well. I know that wearing is one of my many needs and that need has to be supported.
    Great topic!

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    6 months I think I through very strange cycles will only wear for a month now then ill purge again.

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    It's certainly possible that there were longer periods of diaperlessness when I was much younger, but the longest period I can recall was the first 3-4 months of college. This was not really an intentional "purge," rather I was simply overwhelmed by new surroundings, new friends, and new obligations. My routine, which for the preceding dozen years had included regular diaper use, was completely reset. It was also during those first 3-4 months (the fourth month, specifically) that I became sexually active, and pursuit of that undoubtedly had an impact.

    As for what ended the dry spell: There were probably several factors, but the short answer is that I established a routine and became comfortable with it. I had time to relax again. Not only did the diapers return, but I began finding time for hobbies and other activities that had been on hold for a while.

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    Despite having a diaper fetish since I was small, I never wore until last year, upon discovering I also had an adult baby side. I oddly never really had an urge to wear them before that. I remember once when I was little my mom bought me a pack of real diapers for my baby doll, but I never tried to wear one.

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    Past my childhood when I had no ability or access... then 5 years, here. I thought I could be 'normal' and semi-managed it for five years. I still fantasized about them in my mind, or craved them, but I didn't indulge for five years straight. It was directly following a purge - I mean a serious purge here, where I threw everything into a dumpster outside a random business, shaking and looking over both shoulders like I had committed some kind of felony.

    Since the last time I went back (which would be about 2 years ago) I haven't purged since, thankfully. I hope I never do again thanks to the acceptance I've learned through this forum. Now I only indulge every couple of weeks in wearing a diaper, but not due to shame, just due to life and the natural ebb and flow of interests.

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    I went about three years following the last time my mother found my stash. After that, I decided that the benefit I was getting from it didn't make up for the potential hurt to my family of a discovery and held off until I moved out. I think what helped make that period of abstinence manageable for me was that I began to accept it more as part of me even though I wasn't acting on it with physical props. Finding that there were others like myself on the Internet during this period surely helped somewhat as well but the downside is they mostly appeared to be creepy.

    Since being on my own, aside from a three month period where the desire left me entirely, I doubt I've gone longer than a month without wearing.

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    I'm going through it right now about.. 3 years to be honest. It's money.

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    In the last 6 years or so, (since I've been alone), 5 nights undiapered is my record and that only recently. Over my lifetime of 54 years, being DL since 6 there have been many years long gaps but from 18 on I'd think none longer than 6 months.

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    The longest was between the ages of 3 and 5 when my parents were literally forcing me to use a toilet (although I remember wearing training pants so I'm not sure if that counts). Since 5, never more than a few months. Since around 25, never more than a few days and since 35 never more than a few hours (IC became worse).

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