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Thread: question (buy depends?)

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    Default question (buy depends?)

    okay iv bin to my local drug store that has branchs all over ontriao and i found tena's but they dont have any of the tapes ones they only have the briefs and down,and they have depends maximum absobentcy for 15.99,should i get them b4 they go back up when i get the money


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    Feel free to experiment. I guarantee that the worst diapers you get still won't go to waste... And your opinion may be different than other peoples'...

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    I've tried tena pullups, they're not as bad as people like to say, I found them quite comfy. Pullups are better than no diapers at all, no?

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    I read a review on a tena pull up and I heard it is basically the second most absorbant diaper on the market, 1st is abri's version. So I would give those a try, even though the depends are more babyish compared to the pull up tena's they hold defiantly half or less than that of the tena.

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    Ruffie, I have a suggestion for you. If you have the courage, why don't you go up and ask the pharmacy if they can special order you the tape on stlye. I have done this before and they were actually able to order me Attends from the pharmacy. Your chances of them being able to get the tape on kind are really good because they already stock the Tena brand, just not the specific style you wanted.

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    I have found Tena Pullups to be a great product. The max. absorbency ones work just as good as a depends would. Like Tigger said, they are also quite comfortable.

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    man thats alot help guys thanks ill try to build up the courge to order them lol my will b saying no the hole time im doing it lol

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    In comparison to nothing else, Depends aren't all that bad. Methinks, the only reason why people say they are so bad is because pretty much every other diaper out there is better.

    At least they set the bar for which to improve on.

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    Darn right you are. While Depends are quite acceptable, there are much better products out there. That doesn't mean they suck, that just means that they are on the low end of "yes, there ok" and pretty well above "you shouldn't". Being the only brand I ever tried, I will withhold judgement on them. But they are quite acceptable.

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    yea, depends will do good, dont bother with the pullups if you want the "real diaper" experience

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