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    I've lurked for a long while, but never had anything to really post, so I didn't.

    I've come up with a few ideas for "diaper fantasies" I'd like to act out and I've now got one that I can't stop thinking of, and the best part is that I've found a couple 'professional' ladies to actually act it out with me.

    I thought before I go ahead and do it, I'd post it here and see if there was any feedback that might improve it or if there was anything I should not do.

    I'll post my scene separately shortly, but any comments are welcome!


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    Hello and welcome to ADISC, LockedIn! Why don't you tell us a little more about yourself, like other interests or what your job (if any, you never know in this economy) is like?

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    I boat most of the summer. My boat is big enough to live on, and I love being on the water. I run a small consulting firm that specializes in computer security work. It's been very lucrative for me, but I'm feeling the economy now like everyone.

    In the winter, I basically work. I can't afford the time or money for vacations if I want my summers on my boat. The stress and pressure do get to me and I find I think about my diaper fantasies more often in the winter.

    I'm travelling now for the next few weeks and that's part of the reason I think I could act out my fantasy. I'm in a town I don't know anybody and it's well known for escorts and being open minded. It seems a lot of things might just line right up to let me do this

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    That's good to hear! I hope they really are as open-minded as you've heard, and it's good to hear you'll finally get to act out your fantasy. Best of luck on your travels, too!

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    I think they are. It's actually difficult to choose between the two of them. Once blonde, curvier and the other is Arabian and slimmer. Both seem quite interested and open. If I had to guess, I think the blonde might be a bit more dominant, but the Arabian lady is a bit more excited about it. I'm splitting hairs. One is in a hotel and the other in an apartment (blonde).

    My fantasy involves the lady 'discovering' my diaper from the bulk and crinkling, then pulling my pants down to expose it and starting to tease/humiliate me with comments like, "You're wearing a baby diaper! Only babies wear diapers!" Etc. Checking my diaper for wetness, taking control and making me admit and act like a baby because "you are a baby! A man wouldn't be wearing diapers and wetting diapers, would they?"

    It involves a spanking, and the spanking is quite specific. I'm looking to be punished like a small kid (or an older kid, but the reality of ages and my fantasy blur). I want her to put me over her knee, pin me there and spank me hard. 10-30 smacks and hard enough that by the third one I want her to stop and by the 5th, I'm begging her to stop and trying to squirm away. I don't really like the pain but I want to experience the helplessness of being under her control. All the while, she's telling me that I'm a bad baby, I will be wearing diapers all the time from now on, I'd better obey Mommy, and that sort of thing. At the end my bum will be stinging and I will feel like I couldn't stop it and was powerless to her. It will also help later when she tells me to do something and I hesitate, she can say, "Do you want a spanking?" and I should hop to it!

    The next part of the fantasy is also the part that scares me and excites me most. It's something I've always wanted to experience but never have. I want her to take me out in the diaper. It might just be for a walk down the hotel hall, or maybe into the elevator to another floor and back. I've asked both ladies this and they genuinely seem to love the idea! The scene would progress something like this, I'm trying to cover up my diaper, which I likely will as I've rarely been seen in it ever so she tells me I'd better get used to wearing it and people noticing. To emphasize the point, she takes me by the hand and walks me out of the hotel room wearing just the diaper and a T-shirt. I know people generally dislike this, and I agree, but I can't shake the thoughts of it. It's also something I would never have the guts to do, so as soon as she's got my pants off when I arrive she will find a place to hide my pants so I cant get them back. The threat is that I can take a short walk with her in my diaper or I will be walking back and calling my cab without pants. Once we're out of the room, and I've told her to make me calm by saying it will just be a short walk this time, she can then take me as far as she wants inside the building. She asked lots of questions (they both did) about how far I would go. She asked if I'd go to the lobby and I said I don't know but if she can make me go there that I'm sure I'd be scared but really excited. She told me she could make me if she wanted and the idea of me being scared and nervous and shaking actually turned her on so if she thought she was up for it, she would try - even spanking me in the hall/stairs/elevator if she had to. She went so far as to check to see if it was illegal and it's not. She asked the hotel saying a friend might be staying that wore diapers (I don't know exactly what she said there) but she's sure it will be okay. For me it would be a one time thing. I wouldn't do it in my own town and I very rarely travel so this is a unique opportunity. I also wouldn't do it a second time in the same place just to be safe (I would also not do it if the hotel was crowded, I'd probably bail on the whole appointment).

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    I did it! Some parts were better than I imagined and some were different that I expected. The whole experience was better than I fantasized about though.

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