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    I just ordered a maternity dress from asos. It's a really cute skaters dress with cap sleeves and with the waist just below the breast. I like the high waist because it looks sweet and childish and I'm hoping that it will look better with my "baby bump" (aka my paunch) than a regular waist dress. Does anyone else buy maternity dresses because they show off your "baby bump"?

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    I'm.. really confused. Are we actually talking about baby bumps? Or just a cute chubby tummy? Either way show them off, they are both adorable! ^_^

    Maternity shirts are adorable too, they look like dresses but they are shirts. I love the style!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tickles51 View Post
    I was referring to my cute chubby tummy.
    Awesome, I sort of was running with that guess but the cute wording you were using threw me off a tiny bit. If you got it, flaunt it! ^_^

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    Don't "we" like maternity, because they have the "empire waist" (high waist-ed, just under the bust), which is a very child like dress style? That's why I've always been interested in maternity dresses, but haven't actually bought one yet. In my case, the looseness of the material below the bodice helps to cover up my real bump which I wish I didn't have.
    An example, I like these camisole's, because they hide my bump:7 Colors New Women Ruffles Hem Layers Cami Camisole Shirt Top Soft E387 | eBay


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    I wore maternity items and bulged my belly with enemas. Simulated appearance of preggers- feeling of labor- and, blushing giggle-my water breaking.

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    I actually found out recently that I like Maternity shirts, i like the ruffly sides that kinda hug your butt :3

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