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    I was wondering if any one can draw me a MLP of my self or know anyone who can. Don't want to pay too much if I have to. There would be no background so yea that makes it easier. So anyway any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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    I could do it. I've done a few ponies for friends and for fun, so if you'd like, I could give yours a shot.

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    What is your budget? You should plan out a budget so that people who are willing to be commissioned by you know how much you're willing to pay.

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    Stray Thanks just want a guy pony in Diapers with any cutie mark having to do with animals if you can do diapers and cutie marks. Color is up to you as I don't know what Color would look good for a pony who cutie mark has to do with animals and also no wings. I can pay you if you want. Thanks and if you can't do it then patarmigan it would be around $15 but no more then $20

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    Also just looking around for a artist that does furry drawling too if anyone know of any and for the price of the furry artist I don't care as i am just looking right now.

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    Alright. Let me play with it and see what I can come up with. Do you have any favorite colors?

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    neon Green is my favorite but I don't think that would look good but if it does that would be cool. Thanks for doing this.

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