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    Hello my name is Shady Shepherd and im a Babyfur/Diaperfur. I am a studying Mechanical Engineering student at Purdue Calumet and love to fabricate machines with metal and wood. What brings me here is of course my love of pizza haha naw im here to share my experiences of how diapers affect my life and to see how others feel about them too.
    I have found that wearing a diaper comforts me and helps with the stress in my life along with other interests in my life. In my spare time I love to work on trucks and build almost about anything. I'm a very strong "mind thinker" I can design a whole project in my mind and work out all the little details with little to no problem and then make that design a reality with the help of CAD some times. I also am a great hands on learner I can learn a new skill after doing it one time (mostly).
    In this site I would like to find others with the same interests as me and make good friendships along the way. The support i have found on this site previously has helped me tremendously when I first knew about my interests and how others could have them too. I love to share experiences with others but I also have other normal interests i like to talk about as well instead of falling into a full conversation about just diapers......Wow I wrote a great deal hopefully you all can get through it.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums from another babyfur. That was a very nice introduction. Hope you enjoy your time on the site.

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    Hello welcome shady I hope you really enjoy it here!

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    Heya Shady, welcome aboard!

    I see you're a Minecraft FTB fan; I'm down if you ever wanna play! =D

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    Hello from another non-babyfur diaperfur, ie a fur-with-a fetish.

    And yes, a very nice intro indeedy.

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    Oh wow, Purdue Calumet hua? I went there for two years studying computer graphics and animation. I took a CAD class there as well. Had to stop going unfortunately for financial issues. My name is GryphonGuy btw, I have always had DL interests since I was 5. It is a great stress reveler especially with the pressure of school. I really like your avatar. I'm a Furry (and Brony) as well. But yea, PUC has a great Engineering program. I kinda wish that could have been my major with all the job opportunities and everything. This site is great for understanding this part of ourselves. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat and welcome!

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    Hi, Shady! I just wanted to say your 'sona/badge there is adorable and awesome! Welcome aboard!

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