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    Hey guys!! I'm Katie! I've been a DL (not into AB) for 8 years now!!

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    Welcome aboard. Hope you can find whatever it is you're looking for here, be it support, friendship, or just a place to communicate with like-minded folks. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentgrl View Post
    Hey guys!! I'm Katie! I've been a DL (not into AB) for 8 years now!!
    Hi Katie! Welcome to the ADISC community! I see you like cheerleading. Are you a professional or college cheerleader? What are some of your other interests?

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    Hi Katie a big welcome.mmm have visions of a cheerleader wearing a diaper and pants under there outfit! Raaraa. Saw an Oriental girl like that in a picture somewhere.
    But just be what you are/like as your your own self.

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    *waves and hugs* Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are an awesome community and we are growing every day!

    I hope you find what you are looking for, and remember! Failing is the first step at kinf of being good at something! :P
    No idea why I said that, I am watching TV and just heard that Quote! Thought it was funny.... ANYWAY!!
    VENTURE ON! <3

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    Hi there
    Welcome to the community. It is great to see another DL join.

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