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    When I wear a diaper after moving around in them they become loose (around the waist and legs) and sag not because they are full but just stretching them out. When I secure them they feel nice and snug but moving around seems to loosen them. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have suggestions on how to prevent this? I have a pair of plastic pants but they aren't very snug to keep the diaper more in place. Thanks!

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    A onesie works the best for supporting and hiding your as long as it fits properly. I wear mine quite a bit during the day. Most of mine are from Fetware and fit the best. Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc.
    I also wear full cut briefs that also do the job. Plastic pants will do the job, but they can get hot wearing them in hot weather. Another option is PUL diaper covers which are breathable
    and can be worn year round. all in one adult baby cloth diapers XP Medical is another source for onesies.

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    I wear regular underwear over my diapers, I just get a size smaller than what i would need if i wernt wearing diapers and it works very well. I used to not know to do this either and being a truck mechanic I ruined alot of fresh diapers from moving constantly and had alot of slightly embarassing moments because of this, nowdays i usually get by with the same diaper for an 8 hour shift and it remains totally undamaged.

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    As stated above regular underwear work good at taking stress off the tapes. But XP medical does have abena fixing underwear that is really stretchy. It look just like regular underwear but they are tight when you put them on. These keep my diapers from bunching up during the workday. They also keep the diaper from sagging period. Good luck I hate diaper saggggg.

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    By the way a good thing about wearing underwear over your diaper is that you can pull the underwear over the top of the diaper in the back and if you bend over people would just see underwear. Bonus!

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    Stretching can also be an indication that you're taping it too tight. a diaper under normal conditions shouldn't stretch under its own weight, but it will once you break the tension in the plastic by stretching it out by taping it tightly.

    Also wearing something over it really helps, as others have already said.

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    All good advice, Thanks a bunch everyone!

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    I second that you are taping the diaper too tight. This also creates gaps allowing leakage. Do you have a leaking problem as well?

    I also can recommend wearing a onesie as well.

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    As a chubby kid I sometimes have issues with the waistline, so I have a canvas belt with a simple loop buckle to keep it snug on the waist. This keeps it from leaking up top when sleeping or laying down, too.

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