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Thread: Looking for a good diaper cover?

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    Default Looking for a good diaper cover?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but, I have a AIO cloth diaper that is wonderful, but when I have a large wetting it get rely damp and also leaks a bit out the legs. So I'm looking for some good sites to brows through. I would want the kind that slips over rather than strap on and have a rely cute design :3

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    Also you can try Babykins. They have both products for those who are incontinent as well as for the AB crowd.

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    Baby pants have good selection. That's where I got my cloth diapers and plastic pants from. They ship very discrete.

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    Thank's everybody! I got a pair from Babykins, but I will probably need one more sometime soon due to the fact that I got another Cloth AIO recently. I'll look through all these sites to find a good one!

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    Hi there
    I made the decision that I wanted to be as discreet as possible. After a number of failed purchases I am currently settled on transparent polyurethane (PUL) cover at the moment. The PUL is a lot more comfortable in hot conditions, I not had a leak yet (now that has tempted fate). I wear a low waist PUL during the day over my pull-up and a high waist PUL at night over my full diaper. Hope this has helps, all the best with your decision we are all different!

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    Hi i found "My Protex" (protex medical) to have some good stuf, and i got honnybear pullon AB plastic pants , they have enclosed elastics also they have high back pants with enclosed elastics, i really like them they have a sale on now, . its just that the Honebear pants fit me real good and are super comfy.

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