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    Print Pull-on 100 Cotton Cloth Diaper-night Weight Dpocp Adult Cloth Diapers Pull-on Style Cloth Diaper Colorful Print Note Note Print May Vary from Picture 100 Cotton

    They are made by fetware, and i think they are adorable, but are they really good? Does anyone have any experience with these?
    I'm thinking of getting these pull ups as my first cloth diaper kind of thing, but are they actually thick or absorbent?

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    I haven't tried these myself, but in the relation of cloth diapers, cloth diapers can be layered to be as thick and absorbent as you want it to be as long as you don't overwhelm the plastic pants. The description doesn't say if it has a waterproof covering. You may be able to add layers of baby pre-folds. To me it doesn't look very thick, and need to know that cloth doesn't absorb quite like disposables. Depending on the fabric, you need a lot of layers. To match something like dry care.

    If I were you I would stick to the old fashioned pre-fold with Snappi fasteners.

    I have a baby pants pre-fold with a dozen baby pre-fold diapers in it. I have yet to make that leak.

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    I have wearing them for nearly 5 months. I wear them over cloth at night and disposable at night.

    The ones I use are great. So fat no leaks and quality is very good,

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    How many layers of terrycloth does that diaper have?

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