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    I recently started a diet and exercise program in order to lose weight because had come to the conclusion that I don't like the way that I look and feel in diapers. Specifically, I like the diaper to come all the way up to my belly button, and when I and carrying extra weight, this doesn't happen. I also look and feel much younger when I'm at a lower weight. My height is 5 feet and 8 inches, and I would like to weigh 130-135 pounds. I also find that I can fit into my overalls and shortalls a lot better. I wonder how other people feel about their weight and body shape in relation the lifestyle.

    I also am looking for the other benefits of being in shape, so the fact that I look and feel better in diapers is an added benefit, but not the primary reason for dieting.

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    I sometimes feel self-conscious about my weight, but its really a matter of laziness. I mean im not fat or overweight by any means (i have a bit of a belly but thats it) and dieting isnt really difficult if you know what you're doing. I would recommend Yoga and Pilates not just because its relaxing and a good workout, but it also gives your body a more feminine shape (if you feel your body is lacking in curvyness)

    Dieting tricks:

    -Drink coffee
    -Eat lightly salted or unsalted almonds as snacks
    -Drink LOTS of water (or crystal light if you need something flavored)
    -Don't eat carbs at night unless you are going to get up early in the morning for a long jog or biking.
    -Eat Tuna!!!! Its lean protein!
    -Chicken and Turkey are the best meat protein, don't have beef too often. Try to avoid pork (but dont cut it out entirely, its perfectly fine to eat pork from time to time but try not to eat it a whole lot because its high in fat)
    -Don't eat so much sodium as it causes you to retain water and it also causes cellulite.
    -Use spices in your food and/or feel free to add some hot sauce to food because spicy peppers increase your metabolism, just don't over-do it.
    -Try not to consume too much sugar ~ This includes eating things that are white grain (or whatever you call the opposite of whole grain), eat brown rice, brown pasta, whole wheat bread, because these are carbs that your body can burn naturally, so you can have your heavy carb meal in the morning and your giving your body fiber as well. White bread and white pasta becomes sugar in your body >_<
    -There are small things you can do to increase your metabolism (for example: walking without swinging your arms increases your metabolism by 12% !!!)

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    I'm not happy with my weight or looks. More so my weight. I am overweight and could stand to lose weight. My doctor also says I should lose weight.

    Unfortunately for me, I love food - especially all the foods you should not eat: steak, fries, sugared cereals, desserts, chips, etc. I also dislike exercise, although I do some gardening and work around the house.

    Bottom line: I could weigh less, but I don't see it happening.

    Regardless - good luck to you and I hope you meet your goal

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    I've been working at this kind of thing for years...and I'm finally starting to see what I want (definition in my abs) in the past few months.

    If it's any help, I can share the stages I've been and am going through.

    First, when I started feeling unsatisfied with my appearance (two years ago) I was a fairly sedentary person. I took to moving more, and I'd wane on and off the treadmill for months. Generally, I ate fairly healthy--vegetables and fruits, lean meats--and focused mostly on exercising more.

    I didn't see any results, so I didn't keep at it consistently. Fast forward a year, and I'd focused ever more on keeping up my motivation and finding specific activities I'd be interested in. Parkour sounded interesting, so I started working on arm exercises--I'd do pushups every so often, but I didn't track my progress.

    At some point in the summer, I decided to create a spreadsheet to hang on my wall so that I could track my progress [SUPER IMPORTANT]. I kept at this for a while, but I started getting bored with lots of reps; I wanted to do harder pushups, and I got excited about the idea of doing hand-stand pushups and the planche. I installed a pull-up bar around August and started working my way up from 1 pullup towards 8-12 assisted pullups (aka, touching the floor each rep).

    At some point, I began to feel concerned about doing my exercises correctly. I didn't want to hurt myself, so I paid for a 90-minute session with a personal trainer in December to assess my fitness level and come up with a plan. I also started watching YouTube strength-training personalities several days a week to learn the ropes.

    Around the same time, I got an activity tracker (FitBit Flex) as a holiday gift. I was finally able to see what my activity level (and calorie burn) was on a daily basis. This gave calorie counting some actual meaning. Strength training also finally began to settle in as "fun", too.

    Fast forward to now, I regularly track my caloric intake using I have also updated the spreadsheet I mentioned earlier, and now I mark leg, arm, and cardio days on the wall.

    I've also purchased a body-fat caliper so that I can set a specific measurable and meaningful goal (the weight alone wasn't helpful--I needed to know if I was losing muscle or losing fat).

    So, from what I've learned in my experiences, what has helped me be more successful has been:
    1) Finding something even remotely interesting I could train for.
    2) Realizing I HAD to do strength training to actually burn fat (I'd tried cardio alone for years, and it didn't cut it), and I saw results in months.
    3) Realizing I HAD to be able to measure my progress to keep motivated and know when I was making progress. I counted calories, marked when I did strength regimens, and I took body measurements once a week.

    For me, the biggest thing has been actually measuring my progress. It gives me a way of seeing where I'm headed, and is such a huge motivation booster.

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    I love myself. How I look is how I look, but how I feel determines what I do. I've lost a lot of weight over the last few years- 100 pounds since my all-time heaviest in 2006. But I am not happy about it because I stopped weight training due to a back injury. I know a lot of my loss is muscle mass. I don't eat very healthy either.

    But the reason I say I love myself is because I do, and you should too. No weight loss is going to make you feel better if you don't love yourself. You'll just find something else to dislike.

    I encourage anyone to try to get healthier, but a big part of that starts in your head.

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    At first I was thinking you were well, thin...

    Anyhow, I have been really heavy...over 350#...but as of today 228...was at the dr. Today...probably weigh 227 after the blood they took for tests....6 tubes...

    Anyhow, is good to get in better shape, but don't overdue it...

    Dropping weight fast never really works long term, and most diets are short term as well...

    Just cut back a bit...and go slow...

    Some people are meant to be a certain weight...other another...

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    If you are going to go on any kind of a weight-loss regimen, please see a doctor first. It is very important in order to maintain the health of the body that it not be subjected to radical alterations in diet and that proper nutrition be maintained during any kind of weight-loss program. Further, a doctor can advise you on how much weight it is safe for you to lose. OP does not, for instance, state how much he weighs, but at 5'8, unless you have a very small frame, 130 could be dangerously low. On me, for example, it would be skeletal. (I know, because on a past diet 145 was skeletal.) So do yourself a favor and take a safe and sane approach. And listen to MattiKins: the greatest part of feeling better about how you look starts in your head, not in the mirror or the scale.

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    I'm 5' 8'' and I was 135 for many years, and I was very thin, so that is quite thin. I'm around 155 now and would like to lose at least 10 pounds. Now that I'm retired from my day job, I intend to work on it. I enyou bike riding, but it's cold here in Virginia, so I'll probably wait three month before I get back to biking. I've been out walking and intend to do some running. It's cookies that do me in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'm 5' 8'' and I was 135 for many years, and I was very thin, so that is quite thin. I'm around 155 now and would like to lose at least 10 pounds. Now that I'm retired from my day job, I intend to work on it. I enyou bike riding, but it's cold here in Virginia, so I'll probably wait three month before I get back to biking. I've been out walking and intend to do some running. It's cookies that do me in.
    Do you have a small frame?

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    I'm kinda jumping on the health train lately... I felt like shit for the past while and I really want to avoid things like heart disease and other medical complications, so I decided to just work myself up to it.

    So far, the main thing I have done is cut out soda. Soda is the silent killer, people don't really stop to think what is in their soda, but those 40+ grams of sugar will completely throw you for a loop. If that's not enough to make you run from the stuff, here's another little fact: If you sat down and ate 40 grams of sugar (the average in most cans of soda) you would vomit uncontrollably. How can we drink that much sugar when it's in soda? Phosphoric acid makes it so that we can stomach it... Crazy...

    I've started doing "P90X" with my roomates and girlfriend too, I figure if we all motivate each other, we can probably stick with it a bit better. I really like cardio, but in order to become more lean, lifting and muscle building are important.

    The dieting thing is the hardest for me. I'm a student and I like my pasta. It's cheap, it tastes good, it's filling, and you can feed an army off of very little... but, it's not the best for you. I'm eating more veggies now though, and I have found my chip intake has died down with the absence of soda.

    It's not much, but at least I'm trying. I hope to get down from 270lbs to 230lbs (I'm 6'3" and pretty bulky).


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