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    Question Skyrim

    I was playing skyrim and realized that when I remove clothes from my character, it looks like I'm wearing a diaper at some angles. I know oblivion has a diaper mod but sadly I don't have oblivion.

    Does anyone else see any diaper related content in some video games?

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    Well it's hardly a diaper, but in fact a loincloth. You see, in medieval times people didn't exactly wear boxer shorts. Sorry to disappoint you, but Skyrim does not have diapers.

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    In Little Big Planet I made it so my sock puppet looked like a babygirl wearing a diaper and a cute baby tee :3 I even managed to put a pacifier on her ^_^ match that with some cute pigtails and the mini sock-toy and you have yourself the perfect ABDL content hehehe

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    In the sims, way back a long time ago when it came out (the game) I designed a blue diaper for my teen character. Might of been original sims 2 as well I don't remember.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a halflife 2 mod along those lines, there might also be one foe GTA or SR3 those are some pretty heavily modded games.

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