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    So my mother found this and showed it to me, it made us both laugh a good amount. I wanted to show you this.

    Cox Sucker Days

    Now I just have to ask myself, how the heck did they not notice that? I mean... Really? I am sure one person on the meeting committee was cramping up from restraining their laughter as the others named this. Maybe it's just that my mother has a more sexual mind than them and I picked up on her tone of voice to get the joke...but it seems the name is a rather vastly obvious innuendo. How did they not see that?

    Anyone else got some funny things like that they have found and want to share?

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    meh doesn't matter to me that I missed that, tbh. It was a good one anyway.

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    Too bad AVG tripped out while accessing the page. There's apparently some nasty drive-by stuff hiding in there.

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