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Thread: what was your best diapered experience EVER?

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    Default what was your best diapered experience EVER?

    My best diapered experience was either home alone doing anything i want with my diapers or the time i was wearing a diaper right after swimming a bunch (it felt amazing)

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    Having my Nappy changed by my gf for the very first time, I really thought it would never happen, it feels great whenever she changes me ,but there was just something extra special about the first time.

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    Same here one night i was diapered put into my footed pjs and fed my bottle i loved every minute of it. sadly it only happened once.

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    Walking down the isle with the love of my life diapered. I'm IC. We have been married 37 years.

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    One girlfriend plucked up the courage to allow me to wear nappies in front of her. I showed her how I put it on and how it worked.

    She decided that she wanted to put one on. I could not believe my luck. I really took my time as I put it on her while she lay on the bed. We then rolled in the hay for hours and hours. Also, we were both into BDSM, I humiliated something rotten and spanked her. Sadly she was unable to pee in it. But, hey, great times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringer View Post
    Walking down the isle with the love of my life diapered. I'm IC. We have been married 37 years.
    I wish we would hear more of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    I wish we would hear more of this.
    I agree!
    I enjoyed that post too!

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    One night ages ago, my wife was pissed about the whole diaper thing and 'flipped'. She made me put on diapers and told me to wet myself. She was really angry and even more so when she found out how excited I was. Then she said she was going to take me to my favorite bar in my diapers and I got pretty scared. Luckily, I managed to talk her out of it and then she calmed down. It was weird - scary but fun. Nothing like that has never happened again, not even pretend/role play. That was a long time ago and probably a low-point in our relationship.

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    Probably the best time was when I was able to wear diapers in college. I brought a diaper in my backpack to a huge computer lab. Once the room thinned out a bit, I went to the bathroom and put my diaper on while standing up. That was a rush just knowing what I was doing in a public bathroom.

    Then, I walked (tried not to waddle lol) back to the computer lab to continue working for a few hours. I wet the diaper a bunch of times and it was exciting to be able to feel it under my pants while I was sitting near others. I was sitting in a row by myself, so there was no one nearby to see anything.

    And let me tell you, walking back to my apartment was interesting because it was very difficult to walk normally with such a wet Bellissimo lol.

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    Wearing a diaper under my dress at a karaoke bar while I'm drinking AND singing !!! The diaper is pretty much out in the open and covered by nothing but my dress, and im calling plenty of attention to myself... yet no one even suspects a thing 0_0 I can only imagine wetting while doing all this would be more of a rush, but that requires a concentration that I do not yet possess lol

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