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    So after talking to a brony? Friend a couple weeks ago i decided to give mlp a try. A week ago or so was a long marathon on hub, near the other cartoon channels. Its odd, i never watched it before then, but it helps make me feel little, the show amuses me a lot. Just thinking of my favorite of the episodes i saw, about the fluttershy vampire bat, makes my lil side want to burst into giggles. I need an avatar of that. Anyway it is just odd that i never watched it before, and yet this 26 year old guy, me, giggles like a 2 year old girl often while watching it. That make me a brony as well? More importantly, anyone else have a lil side that likes it, perhaps never having seen it as a kid.

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    I love MLP, its adorable and its actually a very well put together cartoon show. I think the title of brony is utterly ridiculous... its just another attempt from society to somehow de-stigmatize the idea that men can like something feminine. Honestly I find it moronic... if you like MLP, you like MLP, end of story. This whole business about titles and a fanbase following for closeted or otherwise heavily masculine men to admit freely and shamelessly to liking not just a children's cartoon but one primarily aimed at little girls, is a perfect example of what's wrong with society >_<

    Why is it that there is no title for guys who like Sailor Moon? In highschool, all my highly masculine friends, who were straighter than the 7 mile bridge, all LOVED Sailor Moon and thought nothing of it... in that same instance, my girl friends were all huge fans of Ninja Turtles and Dragon Ball Z, who also didnt have such a title.

    I'm sorry for the little rant, I just really hate the term Brony, not because of the people who identify as bronies, but because of what it symbolizes.

    To better contribute to the post, I watch MLP when I'm feeling little because its colorful and cute and entertaining :3

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    i hate the label myself tbh, but it is a mild dislike. But anyway i was not expecting to like it. Not sure if i have a favorite.

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    My favorites are Pinky Pie and Fluttershy ^____________^

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    After thinking fluttershy is my favorite. My little mode is a lot like her, very shy and meek. Then... All but rarity and twilight sparkle tie for number 2.

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    I think maybe either Applejack or Twilight might be my favorite, but all of them have really cute personalities. So.... really, all of them are really neat.

    Although, I've only watched the first season. >.>

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    My older self likes it almost as much as my little self does. Fluttershy is by far my favorite.

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    to be totally honest I started watching the show to try and find something that sent me into little mode. but ironically I don't find it to be all that girly or infantile enough to do it but I fell in love with it as a good show in the process, it's to stimulating for me to stay in little mode, but I can see how someone else could little out over it. Scootaloo ftw by the way.

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