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Thread: Best cloth/soft/quilted cover diaper?

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    Default Best cloth/soft/quilted cover diaper?

    I am wondering what the best cloth/soft/quilted cover diaper is? I have tried them in the past, but they seem to leak through after awhile or feel damp, etc. (even the abu cloth cover i tried...) I am trying to find a diaper I can use during the day that may be more comfortable for hot weather. I love the plastic, but I thought that a cloth cover may be more comfortable (not stick to your leg, etc.) when it is hot and your sweating. Also, I like the idea of a velcro type tape that should theoretically hold well, and be easy to remove and reposition, or remove for a workout and put on later if not wetted.

    Please help if you know of a diaper that fits such description, or something similar or a solution to my comfort desires. Thanks!

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    I find the Abena M4/L4 are always a winner. They are thirsty and never had one leak before. Make sure you get the right size otherwise the velcro-style tabs won't work so good. I am a medium waist but use the L4's because there is less pressure on the tabs.

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    I like the Dependeco PUL diaper covers. I've worn them over my disposables as well as my Dependeco AIO's. They are breatheable as well as refastenable with their Velcro tapes.

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