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Thread: Washing diapers (along with other clothing articles)

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    Default Washing diapers (along with other clothing articles)

    This past weekend a party was had @ my parents house and the topic of saving money on washing clothes (in general) was gone over. Now I don't use cloth diapers but I still found this to be a very useful tip/lifehack: Rather than use fabric softener, substitute white vinegar instead (put it in the fabric softener). It will cut the detergent during the rinse cycle as well as [supposedly] serving the same function. That and it's cheap and can be found in bulk in more places. Hope this helps.

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    As an addendum, you wouldn't want to add fabric softener to cloth diapers as it can make them less absorbent. Some people do use vinegar when washing cloth diapers to cut the smell out of the fabric. I've been using Arm and Hammer with oxiclean. I think that washing cloth diapers is going to be somewhat expensive, because it's not a bad idea to put them on a rinse cycle first, then wash with detergent.

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