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Thread: Compression pants

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    Default Compression pants

    Does anyone use compression pants to help conceal noisy or thick diapers when out and about. I'm looking for recommendations on styles people like.

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    I don't use them for that purpose - but the ones that you could wear range from the bike pants to women's pettipants.
    Some designs could be worn as is like biking pants - the women's pettipants with lace design not so much.
    The compression pants would make for a real messy scene if you actually have to use your portable potty.
    The space would be real tight resulting in messing be forced into places that are not normally covered by a diaper.
    Of course you would not have to wear the real tight pants - you could easily wear 1X 2X or more in sizing - but then the noise factor.
    As for quieting the noisy crinkly diapers - should be ideal in most cases - tight pants restrict the noise and loose oversize
    ones will be less effective. The spandex material of the compression pants will be a factor here. Actual bicycling pants
    are really great at doing this. The fashion type made of cotton or thinner grade material are more apt to be noisy.
    Remember the bicycling pants often have a padded crotch piece and maybe another thing to consider when wearing thick
    diapers - really making things outstandingly compressed and perhaps showing a budge while being very quiet.

    So what you want to achieve being quiet may lead to being a Michelin Man with a padded crotch !
    "Make mine in Neon PINK - I don't go quietly" !

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    Hi, I'm JD. I am medically bowel incontinent and wear diapers 24/7.

    I use both spandex jockey shorts and Underarmour compression pants and recommend them highly.

    Any underpants or diaper cover will help to act as a silencer. Spandex pants and compression pants have the added advantage that they not only smooth out the diaper outline and reduce bulges, but also help to hold the leg gathers of plastic pants more snugly against the thighs, helping to contain any leaks that may have escaped the diaper itself. For those who are urinary incontinent spandex pants or compression pants help keep the diaper in place and in contact with the skin, which improves its absorbent efficiency.

    You can find real compression pants in a sporting goods store or order online. To be effective they must fit very snugly.

    Best wishes,


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    Hmm I would have thought crinkle -deadening could be simpler with cloth-backed diapers or pantyhose, the panty part being critically snug and stretchy. Visible diaper lines would be a risk If you like to wear female garments but ones that don't show, eg. pantyhose under normal trousers eg. track suit bottoms, jeans, knowing what you are wearing is your very own secret, you may enjoy this option.

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    I don't use them to lessen any noise, for me the noise my diapers make is part of the fun, however if I am going out to a restaurant or something I will wear a cloth covered disposable as too not make so much noise. I also think that the noise is louder for us wearing the diaper. We are listening for it if we are worried about being found out. But for those not wearing it is pretty much just ambient noise, if they hear something I highly doubt their mind goes to diapers.

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    I agree that it's a good idea to wear an undergarment over my diaper to reduce noise and decrease clumping of,the absorbent material in a disposable. However, I have found that it's really not necessary to use a pant that actually contains spandex. Less expensive stretchy underpants will do the job fine.

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    Thanks for all the great info. I have one pair of 2xist 89% nylon 11% spandex. I don't know if I need a smaller size or something with more spandex they don't grip me all that tight. But they resemble underwear and fit like them. I may consider a pair of bicycle pants made in spandex. I wear for fun but want to be able to wear around non aware friends at public functions. Otherwise if I'm just out and about I don't concern myself with being overly discreet.

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    Compression shorts short out the diaper absorbency. It is better to wear looser pants to hide diaper bulk. Jeans are usually enough to subdue the noise, but another layer of cloth will help.

    A better option is Abena Abri-Fix Soft Cotton Fixing Pants which are intended to hold diapers in place. They reduce noise and reasonably reduce bulk without compressing the urine out of diapers. At $13 dollars each from XP Medical*, you can have them delivered with the diapers.

    Another option I enjoy is GaryWear Active Brief Diaper Covers from*. They reduce the noise nicely and prevent leaks. However, they do not reduce the bulk of a diaper and are not particularly thin.

    Another good option for both diaper noise and bulk is a Bodystocking designed for incontinent use. Abena used to make these and I have 2. I frequently wear mine over the Abena pants to hide thick and noisy diapers when away from home. They also work well to prevent diaper sag. My favorite time to wear them is while laying in bed. No amount of movement will disturb the diaper. XP Medical* sells a bodystocking which is supposed to be comparable to the Abena they used to sell, but I have not tried them yet.

    Good luck with your search.

    *Jeremiah is not affiliated with any online retailers and is merely a satisfied customer sharing experience.

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    Default Compression pants

    Although I don't own any actual compression shorts, I did try wearing an old pair of my jammers from swim team over a diaper a while back. If I remember correctly, it actually didn't cut down on the crinkling nearly as much as I hoped, and honestly it was so uncomfortable I ended up risking getting caught by hastily pulling both the diaper and the jammers off in a bathhouse in the middle of a VERY crowded family reunion/get together/pool party thing.

    Can't say I recommend it honestly.

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    I imagine they would cut down on the crinkles quite a bit, but if you wanted to go incognito it would be better if you simply got a more discreet diaper like a pull up of some kind. Most diapers that are designed to be discreet are very quiet and shouldn't need anything tight to dampen the noise.

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