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Thread: What was the longest time you've ever spent in layered diapers?

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    Default What was the longest time you've ever spent in layered diapers?

    At the moment I'm at about 24 hours, cutting slits in, and adding another diaper on top of the previous when that one reaches capacity. Has anyone else done this? How thick have you gotten it?

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    I have sort of done this, i actually cut slits in the diapers and then put all the layers on at once that i want. I haven't really done too many, after a while it isn't practical because it just pushes out the sides where there is no padding, and the outer layer diaper cant catch it. It is fun to be really bulky and waddle around like that though. If you use cloth diapers and a really big plastic pant, you can get really really thick.

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    I'm at three, right now, but I can see how that might happen. Hopefully I'll run out of diapers before I squish all over the place. The thickest I've ever been in thus far was an improvised cloth diaper, and that got 3"ish thick. How about you?

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    I'm not really sure, but probably about 2", after a while it starts to cut off your leg circulation if you don't keep spread. Fun anyway though.

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    Gah, now if only fetish websites made disposables that thick... That would be amazing =3

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    Without changing, and in very thick layered diapers, I've gone about 36 hrs, but eventually you gotta go #2, and I'm not one for staying in messy diapers for long. Sometimes I've gone longer, but this involved taking off the soaked diapers carefully, doing my #2 biz, and then putting them back on, with fresh layers added. What can I say? I love my diapers really thick, and when you've invested a bunch of time soaking them, it can be really hard to let go of them. My latest perversion is freezing soaked diapers, so I can get a head start on a nice thick soaked diaper the next time I have time to play. (Hint- unless you freeze them individually, it can take days for a thick/layered/soaked diaper to thaw out enough to put back on)

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    If I buy a new (brand of) nappy (one that I'll be wearing for the first time) and they prove to be too thin - one on it's own isn't bulky enough for me - I wear too of the same throughout the night, for me that's just seven hours but if I'm going through a packet I'll be doing that night after night for a while. I have done this with Depends Unisex Briefs (cloth-backed ), Lille Suprems (also cloth-backed ) and a batch of Tena Slip Pluses (they were the only Tena's available at the time and i was desperate!). If you're wearing through the night it's something you can only do during the spring autumn and winter for obvious reasons. That said some of you may be able to handle the heat!

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    I have had 4 on at once, because two of them were too large. I decided to just stack up a couple, cut some slits, and see how long they would last. I went 16 hours before I changed. Those diapers got thick!

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    I've been wearing a large sized Goodnite under my cloth diaper, though my reason is for odor control. Once wet, it does bulk up which feels quite nice.

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    I've had on close to 20 shacked up in a hotel room took nearly 2 days to soak through

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