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    Hey guys, so I'm relatively new here and to the whole diaper thing so I need some advice on which diapers I should buy. I am a male living in canada and I have previously bought boys goodnites, girls goodnites and boys pull-ups, sometimes I like to pretend when I have accidents that my mommy has to come as change me. But I have been thinking about trying actual diapers with tapes and such. I'm thinking pampers because I see a lot of people using them, but I'm not sure which kind to get?

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    Ok, I'm no AB - but pampers? Unless you are really small and slim they will hardly if at all fit you.
    Aside they will not absorb much... and they look silly (That's my personal opinion)
    So I'd say check out what adult diapers are available and give them a try.

    if you can find:
    - Tena
    - Abena
    - Molicare
    - Attends
    - ...
    - or even Depends (they aren't amazing but they aren't bad either).

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    I would highly suggest something from Tena or Attends brands. (Tried the sample of Attends overnight protection diapers and it was so absorbent it took 10+ wettings and still was absorbent for more!) I have also tried the sample of Tena that they sent me and they were very good as well!

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    For store kind I agree with Attena or Attends.
    Depends are okay tho there not the best for being absorbent.

    If you can order online, Abena, Molicare, or Tranquility ATN would be good choices.
    I love Bambino's brand tho not sure they ship to Canada.

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