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Thread: Custom made AB clothes?

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    Default Custom made AB clothes?

    Are there any websites left who makes custom clothing anymore? I had high hopes for "Forever A Kid" but my contact experience with them wasn't all that great

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    Are you looking for somebody to make your own designs or just something custom sized for you?

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    Both of these places will make stuff custom for your size!


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    Another source...I have used her in the past. I sent here just a picture of a woman's dress I wanted custom made. She had to figure it out completely. Of course, I gave her my measurements as well. She did a great job. I have bought some of her other dresses she sells through eBay and the workmanship and quality of fabric are outstanding. It wasn't cheap, that I will grant you. Anyhow, you can contact her through eBay. Do a search on the following (without the quotes) "aunt d sissy". You will see her listings and then there is a contact link.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks everyone, I'll be checking these out

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    It would be nice wouldn't it? Reasonably priced, good service, and custom made clothing from a website would be amazing. You know it may not be long before another ABDL website gets back up and we will know a lot sooner than we would expect. Bet my money on it.

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    I recently got a custom dress from Etsy that I ADORE!! Alot of places on Etsy and Ebay do both custom sizing on already thought of dresses and custon clothing in general where you can tell them what you want and they will do their best to make it But it will never come cheap, if you find somewhere that for you is reasonable though, stick to em! I got my dress from here Mina was brilliant! I thought the price was entirely reasonable (Considering that I'm a pretty big girl and therefor I use alot of fabric, pretty expensive vintage character fabric too, on top of overseas shipping costs) too!

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	19667 This is my beautiful dress <3

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    WOW!! That is extremely cute! Thanks for the heads up too. I go to EBay and Etsy a lot and never really thought about asking if sellers would custom make something for me.

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    I tend to love shortalls and overalls, especially corduroy. I get these from Ebay, and get a local tailor to do a snap crotch. This season, I splurged and sent my shortalls to Starry Ideas. I am looking forward to the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonybaby View Post
    Are there any websites left who makes custom clothing anymore? I had high hopes for "Forever A Kid" but my contact experience with them wasn't all that great
    Are they (Forever A Kid) still in business?? Their website seems to be dated.

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