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Thread: Lol close one...

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    Cool Lol close one...

    Sort of got caught, but not in a drastic sense. I slept in my footie pajamas and an Abena M4 last night and woke up pretty late to check my e-mail, facebook, etc. I didn't really consider getting changed for the day until I heard 2 of my really good friends pop up, open my window and tell me to let them in. I had my paci attached to my sleeper and Growler, my plush tiger, next to me. Luckily I heard them walking up and stashed the paci but I was still stuck in a sleeper with a stuffed animal.

    At this point I knew/accepted I was caught and that was the only thing which prevented me from panicking. Panicking would have aroused suspicion. So I stood up, turned to one of my friends and said, "Hey dude, have you seen my new jumpsuit? This thing's so warm." My friends just laughed it off and turned around for a quick second which gave me the chance to throw Growler into the closet and snag a bathrobe to cover up the sleeper. I couldn't change out of the sleeper because all I had on underneath was the wet M4. I was stuck. So I let them in and they didn't bring it up anymore. I played it off by saying I was gonna get one anyway but I got this fox one when I saw that video come out ("What does the fox say") because I thought it would be funny. In actuality I hate that video with a passion. But hey, it all worked out.

    The only close call was one of my friends tried to open the drawer which I threw the paci in but I gently put my hand against it and he got the message to not snoop. The interesting part about all this was that I had been wondering just the other day how comforting it would be to be able to hang out with my friends while I was padded without them caring, and I just did on the 2nd day of the new year. Granted the scenario I had in mind was with them being aware of the diapers, but since I'm not comfortable with that yet, this was a nice medium. Ignorance is bliss and everyone was happy.

    Moral of the story? Play it cool and have confidence. It can save you from a lot of sticky situations.

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    Everybody knows about my teddy bears. I had gone to bed early when a friends wife came in the room and started jumping up and down on the bed. Of course the bear was there and fortunately I was just wearing regular underwear at the time.

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    Would have been fun if you had a heart rate monitor with "record". Then you could show us the trace.

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    So far, never been caught. I don't envy the people who have been. If that situation happened to me, I think I just would have swallowed my own heart somehow, and then choked to death on it. It seems like whether or not your two friends guessed what was really going on, they were pretty accepting or at least behaved in a nice way. That's great news! This went far better than some horror stories I've heard about being caught.

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    I liked your experience, it reminds me of a couple I had in the past that were similar.

    A lot of my friends and family pretty much know about me wearing nappies now so I don't really go out of my way to hide it. That is not to say that I parade around all day in nothing but nappies, I show respect to others around me by covering up and at least keeping my nappies away in a cupboard and drawer. I think it would be disrespectful to do otherwise.

    If I was caught in the act these days I think I would handle it well as you have. I would probably explain it was part of me and nothing for the other person to worry about. Also in my experiences of people finding out, they have been supportive as opposed to being negative. My friends know I am a good person, so when they get this new information I think they just add it to the 'yes, I know your crazy list' of information they already have.

    Can I ask though, you briefly mentioned a fantasy about being around your friends while wearing and they knew, does this fantasy start with you being caught first of all?

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    i had a close call once when my mum looked in my rucksack that had diapers in luckily nothing was said

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    I am a bed wetter and I wear to bed everynight since I was young. I have almost been caught but in a way most people prolly have not had to think about. I have went two bed one time only to wake up 2 someone yelling and I had to dash out of my bed and see if they were okay and I was only wearing a t-shirt shorts and a diaper underneath. With my heart racing I was only concerned about who was yelling and not about what I was wearing luckily with all the commotion I was not in the spotlight. This has happened a couple times to me. I speculate that some of my friends already know but are nice enough not to say anything negative to me since I'm a private person.I just recently told my friend who has known me all my life.

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    I've had a house full of company over Christmas, and during most of that period, my diapers have been stashed away. My mother-in-law is still with us, and my son who lives only a couple of miles from our house, has been over visiting. He has done a lot of research to the family tree, my wife's side of the family. My mother-in-law insists that she left a family Bible with us and it contains papers and photographs of old family members.

    At one time, she and my father-in-law lived with us, and had a couple of shelves in our basement to "leave" a lot of their stuff (junk). It's now where I have a shower rod where my used and washed out cloth diapers hang to dry before going to the washing machine. Our son was over today, and again they started talking about this lost "artifact" and I was afraid she would want to go down to the basement and start looking!. I diverted the conversation to something else and headed the posse off at the pass. But I could see where this was going, and wondered how quickly I could get down there before them, to ditch the diapers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DexxKizwizard View Post
    Can I ask though, you briefly mentioned a fantasy about being around your friends while wearing and they knew, does this fantasy start with you being caught first of all?
    Fantasy may have been the wrong word choice. It's just a simple day dream of being able to comfortably wear around my friends without there being any awkwardness on either side. Being caught is a stressful situation that I'm not fond of, so I'm not setting myself up to be caught or anything. Being caught would most likely be the reason I end up explaining myself though, because I don't see a reason to tell them otherwise.

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    I got caught with a paci by my brothers.... they know about my growing collection of plush toys. But they where cool about it. I think if I was caught with my pant's down that would be weird.

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