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Thread: Greeetings!

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    Post Greeetings!

    Hello, noobcakes here.

    I'm rather blur about how this forum thingy works as this is my first ever ABDL forum!

    Well, I love watching movies and TV series such as Family Guy, Simpsons, Supernatural and etc.
    I also enjoy reading and gaming, a rather weird combination I know, but oh well.

    I guess that's all there is to me heh. Oh and happy 2014!

    So yeah, hello everyone !
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    Welcome to the site. You'll find lots of useful information and topics here. I confess that Family Guy is my 'guilty pleasure.' That whole death of Brian last month was pretty wild. I'm glad they brought him back. He and Stevie together are the best part of the show. I also watch Supernatural.

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    I wouldn't say gaming and reading it odd. I game a lot!!! And still avg to read 30 books a year.

    What's your favorite books.

    Mines the Terry Goodkind sword of truth. I read it all over again ever time a new book comes out. And sometimes just for the heck of it.

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    Interesting choice of username. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun here. Well, actually, I'm not sure. But I hope that you do.

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    Well from the looks of it you've been here awhile but never posted so glad you finally decided to say hey to us all.

    And reading and gaming aren't a weird combo I love that combo myself and it's nice to see another Supernatural fan on here ^_^

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