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Thread: Causing a wetting accident

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    Default Causing a wetting accident

    I don't know if anyone else has wanted to try this, but has anyone, while diapered, been able to cause an "accident," or purposely tried to wait to long to cause involuntary wetting? Is it unhealthy, and if not how would I go about it?

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    Sort of. I've had lots of water and waited, but it didn't really cause an accident. It mostly just made my back hurt near my kidneys and then I had to pee like hell. It really wasn't very enjoyable at all.

    Also, you have to be careful when drinking too much water that you don't overdo it and cause water poisoning.

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    It can be unhealthy.

    Too much water can cause an electrolight imbalance (water poisoning)
    And holding it for too long isn't too great on your bladder, and it can go back up the tube to your kidneys and that's not really healthy eyer.

    So 1 Drink juice in stead of solely water.
    2 It'll probably hurt too much to hold long enough that it's totally involuntary. It'll simply be to the point where holding it is just too painful.

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    When I have a "fun night" on skype, I typically drink 3 sixteen ounces glasses of water and one 9 oz Gerber bottle of apple juice. The rule is that I have to finish the bottle and the rest of my drinks before I wet, and it's usually an emergency by then. I have an "accident just like that".

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    Try drinking a diuretic like cranberry juice or tea in addition to some water. That way you can't get water poisoning.

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    I've heard that you can increase the chance of getting a bedweting accident by drinking milk, but I haven't tried that yet. I've also heard that holding your pee and having cold during night also causes bedwetting (turning the AC, for example), so far it as only worked once for me, but it could be sheer coincidece. Most methods to artificially cause bedwetting has proven to be quite unhealthy, so my tip is "Don't".

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    If I were you all,and You want to wt the bed or your diapers,just do it. If you do something to hurt your bladder or kidneys you could end up killing your self. At the very least damaging your bladder,kidneys and or your nerves and muscles controling these functions. As you get older and you decide to get married you may find out that you don't want wet the bad or use diapers. And your wife probably won't like it either. Think of the future not just the now and present part of your life. Wetting your beds and your diapers is fun now because of the knowing that you are doing something that society says you shouldn't do,but you cando it and still get away with it even if your parents catch you. All you have to say is that you are having accidents and you figured it was a good idea to wear diapers and you were too upset to tell your parents.
    But never try to hurt your selves to gain a little pleasure.

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    Cat Nip Tea specifically is a good natural diuretic, and is also a sleep aid. It's like it was designed to make you bedwet. Another reason to love your snuggiful kitty friends :3

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    getting drunk tends do get the effect needed, course if you alcohol you'll go through more nappies .. but by the end of the night, once in decently dry nappy and go to sleep 9 out of 10 times for me, y'all wanna pee in the middle of the night, and when that happens - well u know wot to do, relax hay presto .. wetting the bed involuntary!

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    You can't have an accident on purpose - it is an 'accident' after all. The closest way to make it seem like an accident it to drink loads or to push it till you can't hold any longer. Neither of these are good things to do, in fact they are both quite unhealthy.

    Drinking too much water will result in imbalance which can be lethal. In fact, one of the most common ways to die of taking extacy is not the drug itself but the fact it makes you feel so thirsty. You end up up drinking too much and dying from electrolite imbalance. So, I wouldn't recommend that.

    As for holding till you can't any more, also not nice. From a practical point you will flood which is neither realistic or efficient diaper usage. On a more important point, it can damage your kidneys or bladder, and related nerves. In the worst case scenario you could end up on dialysis, or even worse, it could also be lethal.

    Just wet when you want to. If you want to wet yourself or your bed, diapered or not, just go. Just you have to clean it up. If you are having difficulty going, all I can say is practice. Trust me, it will come eventually. It is better to take time and enjoy it then force it and end up harming yourself, perhaps mortally.

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