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    My sis nearly saw my drynites nappies which I had hidden underneath my clothes in the closet luckily she went to the top of my closet my heart was pumping when I saw her open my closet and I didn't know what to say or else it would have made her more suspicious

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    One time i had left my Dependico AIO's in my dryer and my momm had thrown her pjs in do worm them up with my cloth diaper! I guess she didn't notice it. Ether that or she just hasn't mentioned it 0_0

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    I have been caught... by my parents... like 3 times. This was all in my early teens though. They did not handle it too well. A good hiding place would be underneath your mattress in your bed. There is a discreet layer between the mattress and drawers in many cases. I can explain more if you want too!

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    Happened to me just the other day! My girlfriend recently picked up a pet sitting gig where she has to stay overnight with the pets. She is so super sweet that almost every morning she stops by the house for an hour our two cuddle before her next job :-) one night she told me she wouldn't be able to make her morning cuddle the next day :-( so I decided to sleep wet and padded :-)

    The next morning, my GF woke up super early and made the time to stop by for a snuggle! Luckily I woke up heating the gate to my complex, and she called for me to open the door :O I hid that soggy bambino behind the TP and opened the front door :-)

    Phew! Close call :-) I think it's a sign that it's time to tell her about my padded side. Next week when she is home from pet sitting!

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