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Thread: Believe-ability of the silhouette/ real fit depends

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    Default Believe-ability of the silhouette/ real fit depends

    So I was exploring foreign diapers and I know that depends are notoriously bad, but this isn't the point of my thread. I was delighted to find on the home page of the Aussie depends a commercial. In this commercial the actress (probably an Aussie celebrity that I am not familiar with) actually strips to her undergarments and proves she is wearing the briefs. I think that if the American actors who did this commercial went to the next step as she did then their sales would excel. maybe their is some law against stripping to the underpants, but I'm guessing not.

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    the US had a mens real fit challenge with professional atheletes and stuff

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    Yes I realize that, but there is no actual proof that they are wearing the diaper... which is the point i was getting at and how the Aussie actually shows it. For all we know the athletes could be lying.

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    I tried them out and they are not for some one who voids like me. I can't trust the pull up thing to even save my life.

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    Yes, yes. I know that they have their fallacies. However, THEIR PROFICENCY IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE. I was simply commenting on how the Aussie actor actually proved she was wearing the diaper, whereas Lisa Rinna and the athletes merely said they did, with a no face shot of "them"(probably a model) wearing them. See my point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    for age she'e pretty hot!!
    Who is she?
    I was thinking the same, but don't you think it is interesting that in the commercial she actually proves she was wearing the diaper?

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