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    Hi everyone,

    so after years and years of just reading this side, I decided to join in. I am a university student from Europe and therefore English is not my native tongue. So please be clement with my writing skills. In my university I am taking Computer Science classes to get my bachelor degree in it.

    I discovered that I like diapers as a kid, I was a little slow with toilet training and had rare day wetting issues still in my early teens. I guess that was the point that drove me to becoming a DL. I have and had the typical purge and binge phases. I must admit AB was never a thing for me, but everyone should do whatever he like and makes him happy. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting my DL side since it makes things from time to time more complicated, but I get better at it. I maybe tell your more of my personal story some other time.

    I really enjoy traveling around the world and I had the great luck to be travel at leaste twice a year since early childhood. Music is also one of my hobbies and maybe you will able to guess my favorite band if you look at my username. Since I am studying CS of course I am also interested im technique and stuff. But there of course a lot more beside that

    I finally registered here to get in contact with people just like me and to get better at accepting my DL side. So i hope my introduction was not to boring and readable.
    I guess I see you around.


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    Yeah ! European hug ! (if that makes any sense at all xD)

    Hope you have a great time here.

    Where do you live and where have you been to ? (don't answer if you're not comfortable revealing your location)
    I love to travel as well. (I'm in Tokyo for the holidays :p, quite cold but enjoyable in many ways)

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    Welcome Phil. I would also check out Fetlife since your looking to connect/ meet. It takes alilttle bit but once you start getting a lot of friends its very good.

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