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    So a little while back some folks here were complaining about an abnormal number of side blow outs. Sure enough I got a pack that ALL blew out. I went and bought a another pack, and no problems. I could actually see the failed pack had smaller seams. Called the 1-800 number, they sent be a 20.00 Credit card and requested a sample, for which they sent me a postage paid envelop. No hassle, very friendly. Of course I told them it was my pre-teen daughter using them. But still great response.

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    That was good of them. I don't know that I'd feel comfortable complaining about the performance of a product used so far out of its expected range but I guess that depends on the smallness of the seams and how large one actually is.

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    Um, probably ripping because they are meant for small kids, not adults.

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